Welcome to a new New Year.

I'm still in Florida- my flight is in a couple of hours, and we'll be leaving for the airport shortly. It's about 2:45am here.

It always feels weird, that feeling I get when I'm up late/early, about to head to the airport.

Maybe it's because it reminds me of the first time I left California, being woken before dawn by Mom to head out to the car.

I've written before that was the beginning of a downward spiral in my life, as I left a life behind and became someone else, metaphorically speaking.

Well, it's time to look forward, and not back. It's surprisingly annoying how often I have to remind myself to do that.

Anyway, hopefully I'll catch you guys later on the West Cost.


No Matter Where you Go

There you are...

So I made it in alright. Stayed in the St. Gregory last night in D.C. It's really nice. I got upgraded to a suite, and it's huge!

Too bad I'm checking out soon.

Well, my Grandma's on her way to get me. Can't believe I haven't seen her in five years!

Hopefully I'll get a chance to see my old neighborhood and hang out with that high school friend of mine.

Well, talk to you soon!


I Need More Than 140 Characters Today

So as I said, today was my first day off in awhile.

I wanted to just stay home in bed, but 'Jewels' needed to be picked up from the hospital, plus a friend wanted me to meet her for lunch, so I hauled my butt into a cab and got Jewels and took her to lunch with me.

All in all not too bad, but my self-esteem suffered a few blows. First there was a little girl scout or something trying to hawk her merchandise, asking me if I liked "Ladies Perfume".

Than there was the group of guys having a loud "debate" of 'Is He or isn't She'.

And finally some teenage gangbangers following me hollering a chorus of 'Look at that Dude!' (The ringleader actually had the nerve to ask me for a cigarette afterwards, and when I said 'No' called me a Fucking Bitch.

Ahhhh, San Francisco, Land of Tolerance.

A little while ago I was telling Shana about a guy who asked me out but I got stood up and never heard from him again. I Theorized that he probably Jacked Off and came back to his senses.

Shana joked that "It's not easy being a tranny." "No," I replied. "It's really not." Which was probably a more honest response than she was expecting.

It's not. This world can be a cruel, dark place, and I really understand when girls like Johnny Boy vent like this:


I'm a pretty cynical person. I expected my life to be like this, and lived it anyway. Some people say that's courageous. I don't know- I certainly don't feel that brave.

I really have to force myself to not get angry, to try to understand where my "critics" are coming from. My getting upset doesn't solve anything.

Well, I don't know where this is going. I just have to live my life, let others live theirs, and hope some people will give me the same respect.

A Blog Post!

Heya! So here I am writing on the ole' blog while I wait for some downloads to complete.

I am writing this from my new Asus 900ha, a somewhat spur of the moment purchase that I probably shouldn't have made with this economy, but I am loving this thing and I don't regret it.

The keyboard is surprisingly useful with my skinny fingers.

I still love my Macbook Pro, but the battery is on the verge of death, and the power adapter is being held together with electric tape (literally). Rather than replace them, I'm just going to wait until I upgrade to the new 'Unibody' Pro's at the end of January.

In the meantime, the Asus is pretty much my fulltime machine. I loaded Linux on it for playing around with, and I stayed up late last night learning commands and such.

Today has been my first day off since I started this brutal schedule. I had a laser appointment yesterday and I didn't want to go to work all red.

I wanted to have a touchup before I go back home NEXT WEEK. Man, it's really come up on me fast. I'll be working the brutal schedule again tomorrow, right up until I leave.

'Jewels' is in the hospital getting a bunion removed, and I'm supposed to pick her up today. Lizzy also wants me to have lunch with her. Busy day.


I feel so weird. Just woke up from a long nap, groggy. Reading news articles about the attacks in India and people stranded in Thailand. Strange feeling brewing in my chest. Right now the World seems Big and Scary.


The Eternal Sleep of the Blogger

Haven't been posting much here lately. But haven't you heard?

Blogs are Dead!

Well, some of us are still clinging to life as we limp along. But I do wonder about the time I spend writing these stream of consciousness entries. Not much of this stuff is even TG Related anymore- it's just Me.

I have been pretty active on Twitter as of late, since I re-downloaded the iPhone app. I resisted at first, and then tried it out for a bit before quitting. But maybe reading that Wired article has polarized me- Twitter might not be the future, but it's a start. I can already see how easy it is to post an entry during a quick break or "in the Moment", as I did when I was dealing with a rowdy guest last night.

As others are doing, I'll keep this relic around for long form writing, when I have some great enlightenment to bestow upon the public. For now, I need to update my Facebook and get it going- something else I dislike but apparently is important to have as we Trek into the Future.

And for a preview of what to expect from my 'Tweets', I leave you with this:


P.S. This isn't a Good-Bye or a Blog Closure Announcement or anything. I'll still try to post regularly- I'm sure there will be something that gets my Goat that requires more than 140 characters to vent.


Wooo for Productivity

I was feeling particularly energetic today- maybe it's because I accidentally slept in until 7 instead of getting up at the usual 5.

But at any rate, I made a ToDo list about a mile long, and did every single one- very satisfying.

So now I'm lounging on my bed, alternating between looking at my clean room and smiling, and work I've brought home. Budget cuts.




Hehe, my hacked PSP is great. It took hours to configure properly, having to learn about 'poploaders' and 'PSAR dumpers', but I finally got it playing PS1 games.

I'm going through Resident Evil 1 right now, and as soon as I get a higher capacity memory card- Metal Gear Solid!


Plethora of Inanity

Was cleaning out my closet and came across my ole' PSP which has been unused for years. On a whim I decided to Hack it, so a few hours slipped away as I used Lumines to downgrade the firmware, and then after seeing the plethora of Custom Firmware, installed that.

A few minutes after that, I had a Super Nintendo emulator installed and was speeding through Super Mario World. Funny, but I bet that no matter how many polygons are systems start pushing as the years go by, there will always be people finding ways to load it up with old school stuff like that. Nostalgia can be a powerful force.

So my tickets home were purchased. I wasn't getting into Virginia until late, and had planned on renting a Car (with driver) and booking a four star hotel in DC to spend the night. Grandma insists on picking me up though, no matter how late. Heh, family.

Work has been killer, and lately I've had a lot of things to do. We've got a staff member who I'm pretty sure is doing drug deals with a guest, plus sleeping behind the desk, and to top it off her money has been off.

Maybe she has something on the boss though, because she keeps getting One More Chance. Well, whatever. It just pisses me off that despite all her failings, she still has the nerve to talk shit about me behind my back about the most inane things.

Ugh, anyway.

Ooh, yeah, remember my Kindle hack? A guy from Wired(!) emailed me today and said he was putting together an article about it and E-Ink in general and gave me a mini interview. It'll probably just end up in the Wired Blog, but still. Wired, man!


Red White n' Blue


So it took me a couple of days to recover. I didn't get too drunk at the Halloween Party, but I've cut down on my drinking so I guess my tolerance has gone down.

As I said before, I was "Sexy" Judy Jetson. I did snap a photo, but I was hesitant putting it up here because I think I look fat. It was the lighting! I had taken a deep breath! I just ate!

Oh well. It's been awhile since I posted a pic, so you guys deserve it.

I was invited to the Halloween party by 'Weena', the girl I used to work with at the restaurant who I had a tiny crush on Once Upon a Time. I went with Emmy and... Well, it's fuzzy. I know there was some dancing, a guy with a really good 'Joker' costume, (and one 'Joker' that wasn't as good) a cat...

From what I remember, it was fun. Better than sitting home alone, for sure.

Anyway, today, for the first time ever, I voted!

There were a few propositions on the ballot that I just had to vote against (and for).

It's pretty exciting, as I'm catching the enthusiasm that seems to be everywhere. I don't have a TV, but I've got MSNBC streaming live. Go Blue!


Oh Goddddd

Never again... ugh.

(Will update tomorrow when I'm less Hung Over)


Trick or Tart

So another week has flown by.

I've really gotten wrapped up in the Xbox and haven't had any regrets yet. In fact, now I'm thinking about getting a nice 42 incher LCD to go with it...

The last Grand Theft Auto I played was 3 for the PS2, so the leap to GTA IV has been amazing, and it's what I've been playing most, helping to calm me down after a fifteen minute Dead Space run (which I'm almost halfway through! Following along with a Gamefaqs.com strategy guide is helpful.)

In other news, as you can see, I picked me up a hat inspired from Back to the Future II from mirajcaps.com, with actual "holographic color changing technology". They've been out of stock for months. I used to have the actual licensed version from the Back to the Future Store in Universal Studios, but I think the Dog chewed it up years ago.

Pretty damn cool. If I knew it would've gotten here in time, I might have spent some time on a "Marty" costume. But I bought my costume off Amazon today, scheduled for Next Day Delivery. Cutting it a little close- hopefully it'll be here in time. Spent $100 bucks!

Tomorrow night for a few hours I'll be 'Sexy Judy Jetson' :)

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Geez, these X-Box games are almost like an addiction.

Just ordered Grand Theft Auto 4 and Bioshock.

Bioshock I got half-way through on my computer, but I had to reinstall Windows and so lost my Save Game.

I really prefer the Mouse and Keyboard control, especially in First Person Shooters, but I'm slowly learning. The lack of proper aiming is making Dead Space even more terrifying, and I've yet to get past the ten minute mark. Much like Doom 3, every creepy noise or flickering light makes me jam the Pause button to catch my breath.

Times like this brings back fond memories of the past, when my little brothers and sisters would watch me play through Resident Evil 3. Eesh, even with the muddy graphics, whenever Nemesis would burst through a wall we'd all start screaming.

Good times.


Because my check didn't clear in time, my X-Box shipment was delayed, but it should be arriving today. Ironically the GAMES came yesterday, so I've been reading the manuals (Assassin's Creed, The Orange Box, Dead Space and Fable II). Can't wait!

Hmm, had some weird dreams last night. I guess they can be considered nightmares, but I don't remember feeling scared or anything. Fungus/Caterpillar/Snake monsters trying to wrap around me and a girl (I think it was Alyssa Milano) got decapitated while riding a train. In typical dream like fashion though, the head was still alive and talking while the body started feeling around for it.

Shook me up a little.

In other news, there's some work stuff happening. Things with a co-worker are reaching a breaking point and something has to change. The Boss will be back in town this weekend, so I'm going to sit him down and see what we can work out.


wTf n0ob lOLz

So I had some extra money this paycheck that I had set aside to spend on myself. I was going to buy some expensive duds, but my finger hovered above the confirmation button at Bluefly.com.

It really just felt like a waste of money to me, so I bought something a little more useful instead- an XBOX 360 and some games. (And ironically, it was $200 less than what I was planning to spend on ten clothing items. Yes, only the finest materials may caress THESE loins.)

I love my Mac and all, but ever since I bought it I've noticed I've been gaming less and less even though I have a Windows XP partition. True, maybe that's just me growing up, but I think, especially now that 26 is right around the corner, I should try and hold onto my inner Goof Off as long as possible.

I decided on the X-Box as the the PS3 was a lot more expensive, and I'd really only want it to play one game- Metal Gear Solid 4. *sigh* Maybe someday Snake and I shall meet again...

(Back in the real world, I just got a call from a recording of Roseanne Barr telling me to Vote Out Pelosi. Trippy.)

And the Wii, well I'm getting that for my sisters for Christmas, so I can always play some Mario then.

So anyhoo, I'm pretty excited- overnight shipping for it all was only $20, so I'll have it by the time I get off work tomorrow- perfect timing, in my book.



Have I mentioned lately how much I love my iPhone?

Downloaded Diner Dash, a port of the DS game, and it's pretty addictive.

Also looking at a new MacBook Pro has a birthday gift for myself next year. Ahh, the pain and pleasures of being a gadget addict.

I haven't been going out much lately, but yesterday Lizzy invited me out and I ended up having a Girl's Night Out.

It was pretty fun- we drank pitchers of Sangria and ate french fries on a rooftop restaurant/bar down in the Mission. Knowing I had to work the next day, I'm proud to say I switched to water as soon as I started getting buzzed.

See, Mom? I'm not an alcoholic ;)



Boy was I sick yesterday. I lasted at work about twenty minutes before I had someone come in for me.

Maybe it was that Chinese food from that dingy place on the corner. Maybe it was all the Vodka and Beer. I don't know- I'm not a doctor.

Anyhoo, I'm feeling much better now. Much better, and salivating over the new MacBook Pros!

Hmmmmm, it's probably about time for an upgrade. I've had this old thing for almost two years now!


Hey, isn't that the guy from The X-Files?

Ugh, spent way too much money at BlueFly, but what better way to spend my cash than invest in marked up duds that will be out of style by the end of the season?

Oh, there are better way? Boy, is my face red...

But Fuck It, I think I'll look good in them.

Speaking of spending money, I've started doing my Christmas shopping for the family. I'm thinking about getting them a Wii, even though I really want one. There's the Holiday Spirit- sacrifice.

Though I'll probably have time to get some 'Mario Galaxy' in before I head home, hopefully.

While scavenging Amazon for some DVD's for Mom, I came across a Showtime show called Californication. I hadn't heard of it, so I watched an episode and was hooked. I forgot how much I loved David Duchovny. His dark, witty sarcastic dialogue in this is highly qoutable (with mature, non-conservative individuals).


It's Alive!

Oof, has it been that long?

The days are getting shorter and the time's just flying by.

Been doing a lot of "Window Shopping" on bluefly.com in preparation for my trip back to the east coast. I'd like to be somewhat presentable as some of my family will be seeing me for the first time since I've transitioned.

I'm planning on stopping over in Virgina for a couple of days before heading to Florida. I'll see my Dad's side of the family, maybe some high school friends, and I'd like to take a walk through my old neighborhood and roll around in the nostalgia.

I think it's going to be weird- it's been over five years, and I've changed a lot (besides the obvious, I mean).

I've also finally got my little Workbench set up (little being the operative word). Next thing I have to do is expand the table, but in the meantime, I think it's a nice little set up for the little projects I'm working on now.

I really like it, and that's where I've been spending my after work hours .

Anyhoo, that's just a little update. I'll try to post more frequently.

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I really suffer a lot for this job, the 'off the record' stuff I have to deal with. I'm starting to feel fatigued from it all. I feel like some "spark" in me is dying.

Heh, maybe that's just the consequence of aging and living a (a)typical American Life.

I'm fighting to keep it alive, though. That little brush with internet fame awhile back has really given me the drive to focus more on my projects. I invested a bunch of my last paycheck into an Amazon shopping spree, buying the equipment necessary to puff out my lab bench a little.

Soldering Station, frequency generator, power tools, magnifying lamp, and a new Lab Coat (putting one on always inspires me) among some other miscellaneous.

Mmm, just thinking about it, I can feel that little spark getting brighter.


I'm Surrounded by Assholes!

YouTube- Space Balls clip

The problem with morons, besides putting up with their ineptitude, is that they tend to be vocal.

This job sure grates on me, sometimes. Today the boss mentioned a big reservation that's coming in June of 2009, and to make a note to remind him about it when the date rolls around.

And I found myself wondering if I'm still going to be here next summer. Another year? The thought made me a little anxious.

Besides 'Jewels', my coworkers are gossipy, conniving witches. I go through the surveillance footage and hear their vicious remarks and half-truths, and the hypocrisy boggles my mind. My biggest detractor is a woman who sleeps on the job (literally) and violently insults almost everyone who talks to her.

But oh well. That's life. I suppose I should be contented with the fact that even with the 15 plus year job experience here, I was still promoted over them (after a year) and make more than all of them combined.

Ugh, I know I sound kind of bitter, but it's just really stressful, knowing that every little interaction with these guys, no matter how inane or how nice they are to my face, will become the nights gossip when I clock out.

Ugh. Well, I did try to unwind a little- I just saw 'Burn After Reading' with Jewels, a dark comedy from the Cohen Brothers.

I enjoyed it, and though I laughed a lot during the movie, the final scene had me in stitches. The humor was compounded by the the comparison between me and my boss. If you see it, I'm the Agent that's trying to explain things to the head honcho as delicately as possible.


Vegas Recap

Oof- that's the last time I have six vodka rocks on a one and a half hour plane ride.

But I'm back home, relatively safe and sound.

Vegas was pretty low key. Mainly I did the touristy thing with 'Jewels', who had never been to Vegas. Did the rides, walked the strip, gorged at buffets. Oh God, that Bellagio Buffet- I'm glad I have a fast metabolism. I stuck with "surf", mainly- king crab legs, smoked salmon, shrimp... I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it.

It was kind of the off season, and we didn't have to deal with too many crowds or lines.

We went up to the top of the Stratosphere to do a couple of rides- we did the Big Shot, but chickened out of the Insanity and gave our tickets away. What was kind of cool though was that some Brazilian TV show was filming and I was sitting right next to the host, so if there's any South Americans reading, keep an eye out for me!

(I looked awful, though. I was hung over and the sun was glaring right into my eyes. Oh well)

We didn't gamble too much, but we play a little Roulette. I gave some of my money to Jewels and she lost it all, and then I just started betting on Red or Black. Hehe, that's pretty cheap. But I managed to win back enough to break even, which is when I quit.

I also won forty dollars at Black Jack- that was fun.

We didn't really go partying or anything. I was usually too tired.

I guess I really am a morning person, as I would naturally get up at six, and half to wait around til' noon before Adi and Jewel would drag themselves out of bed long enough to eat at a buffet and hit the sack again.


We still managed to have fun, though. Also I was able to see Dad and my brothers.

...And my new half-sister!

Yup, Dad's been busy and the Gene Pools' expanded a little bit. The babies only a couple of months old, and she's pretty cute. Dad said she's a splitting image of me when I was her age, right down to the thick "Mohawk" and chipmunk cheeks.

My brothers were pretty cool. They're not as agressive as they used to be, and their personalities are really starting to shine through. It was nice seeing them.

Well, that was Vegas.



Thanks for the comments and emails responding to the Previous post. Sometimes I get into funks and feel down, but I really do have to focus on what I have, rather than what I don't. And if I really think about it, I rather like my situation now. Parties, maintaining social status- most of it's a waste of time, anyway.

I like having the free time to do my own thing- like make a Ghetto E-Ink Tank Top ;)

I don't expect any "fame" from that one. It was just a fun lil' project. But with Pay Day today, I can focus on my REAL projects, and hopefully it'll expand some minds.

I do have to watch my budget though, because I'm going to need the money- tomorrow morning I'm hopping on a Jet Plane.


I'll be going with 'Adi', the guy who helped me replace my iPhone, and 'Jewels', a coworker. I finally was able to get in touch with Dad, and hopefully I'll be able to get together with him and see my brothers. They're 17 and 16 now!

Boy, how time flies... I remember when the oldest was a toddler, running around, pulling his diaper off to poop on the floor for me to clean. Ahhh, Good Times...


Tears for Beers

Emmy called me last night, inviting me to a friend's housewarming party.

I'm thinking a small get together with hor d'oeuvres and wine or something. We get there a little early and find our college age hosts dressing up in go go boots and skimpy underwear. Turns out they forgot to mention (or Emmy forgot) that this was a housewarming slash Lingerie Party.

Within a very short time, there's a couple of dozen people in boxers or baby dolls, Hip Hop blaring from the speakers, Beer Pong in one corner and some drinking game called Kings Clubs or something going on in the other one.

Everyone eventually joined that one, sitting in a circle around a pitcher of beer. Me, I sat on the couch in the background nursing some hard liquor and reading a horror novel on my Back From the Dead Kindle- 'Heart Shaped Box' by Joe Hill, who is actually Stephen King's son. It's been a great read so far; I recommend it.

I occasionally took a break to watch the antics, young adults starting to get drunk and randy, laughing, yelling, dancing. These people were around my age, but that's where the similarities seemed to end.

These guys probably lead typical upper-middle class teenage years, going to parties in high school, getting drunk, not caring about much more than hanging out with friends and getting laid, and this is where its lead them. This is what normal, popular kids my age DO. And I felt this huge gulf between me and everyone else here, even Emmy and her shy, quiet friend, who had both joined in, too.

It was more than just the TG thing, though I'm sure that's part of it. Things like this have just never been my scene, probably because growing up I was excluded from them and learned to find pleasure in more solitary intellectual pursuits. Even Emmy's insistence for me to join couldn't extract me from my couch-bound bubble.

I sort of realized then that my 20's were fleeting pretty quickly, and that I'd probably never really get into scenes like this before I was too old for them. I added more things to my mental list of missed life experiences, feeling a little sad about the whole thing.

...The stiff drink helped a little with that, though.



Well, it truly seems downhill after 25 as I've found I need coffee frequently throughout the day. Otherwise, as I mentioned previously, I just crash as soon as I get off of work.

I've drunk it on and off but until recently my little coffee machine had been gathering dust.

I'm more prone to anxiety on caffeine though, so it's a delicate balancing act. When I get that wearable computer finished, I'll think I'll chart my metabolic rate and keep a little timer in my heads up display to let me know when to dose up again.

I can't wait!

I'm also planning a little trip. It's been awhile since I've left the city, and I'm looking forward to it. Where am I going?

Stay tuned...


Still Here, Thankfully.

Some aren't as fortunate.

Sorry for the delay.

The heat wave gripping the city has been sapping away at my energy to the point where I usually take a long nap after work, and just veg out before going to sleep for the night.

Heh, the unending excitement of a tranny in the big city.

The boss also asked me to change rooms- according to him a room they fixed down on the second floor was just too nice to rent to the public, so he gave it to me. It's a nice room, though I preferred the street view. Plus the second floor is constantly full, mainly locals, and they can be rowdy.

I've moved the essentials already- I'll do the rest over the next few days. The major plus though is the previous occupant was a decade long resident and had a phone line installed. After a grueling experience talking to AT&T "Specialists" (who apparently don't even know what an 802.11n wireless standard is) I finally got their "elite" DSL package set up.

After using a cellular broadband card for the past year, it sure is an improvement. So all in all I'm happy with this move, so far. It's given me an excuse to get rid of some old junk I've been hoarding, and maybe help me out of my funk.

Unfortunately routine has also been disrupted in a sad way.

It was late the night before last and I checked in with the office and saw a guest hadn't paid. He was an older guy, wheelchair bound for the most part, and liked to try and grab my butt or legs and constantly invited me up to his room.

He was a pervert, but harmless for the most part.

Seeing that he hadn't paid, I also realized I hadn't seen him in a few days and just said "Uh-oh" out loud. I took the desk clerk up to check the room, and sure enough found the door could only open a couple of inches as he had apparently collapsed against it. A quick reach in to feel his arm confirmed he was dead.

Overdose, apparently. Second one here in three months- talk about good publicity.

It was pretty surreal, and I was up til 2AM waiting for the police and the medical examiner and answering questions until they moved him out. They weren't too careful about it as they smashed the cart he was on into every corner of the hallway, tearing a huge chunk out of the wall at one point.

Yeesh- not at all like what one sees on TV.

Well, Goodbye Mr. Simpson. I'm sure you're getting all the Angel tail you can handle.


I'm in front of the hotel, taking a quick break and taking in the warm day and the fresh air.

A short guy walks by. "Hey Blake, you working?"

I don't recognize him but I say 'Yeah' reflexively. Afterwards I realize he didn't say 'Blake', he said 'Babe'. I knew exactly what was going to happen next.

"How much for head?"

I rolled my eyes and started walking back in. "I'm not that kind of girl."

"You said you were working!"

"Yeah, here at the hotel. I'm the manager."

The embarrassed look and the profuse apology before he scampered away almost made it worth it.

It did get me thinking though, and later I wondered, purely hypothetically of course, what I'd be able to get away with charging.

Not that I would or anything- bit too stereotypical for my tastes. Among other good reasons.


15 Seconds of Infamy

Went to Cindy's (Emmy's Sister) birthday party yesterday. Emmy didn't go because her and Cindy are kind of going through a rough patch.

Anyhoo, I took the Caltrain down, which was interesting. I haven't rode many trains.

It all kind of passed rather quick. The first venue was a lake where me and half a dozen of her friends lounged around in the sun. I forgot sunscreen, but hopefully one afternoon didn't do too much damage.

After that, we went back to Cindy's for some Jello Shots and Smirnoff Ice, and then to a Persian restaurant. Karaoke was planned, but I made my exit a little before that, and Cindy's guy Kris drove me to the train station. We sort of made it just before the last train arrived, but it was on the other side of the tracks and I ended up missing it.

He was really nice though and drove me home, like forty minutes away. We had a pretty nice conversation, the first I've really had with him. He is a... very interesting person. I wanted to open up a bit more but I was kind of shy. Oh well.

In other news, my 15 seconds of fame popped up over the weekend, as my little Kindle Hack made the headlines of both Engadget and Gizmodo (my favorite blogs), among other places.

There were a few haters- who knew there were so many Sony Reader fans? And yes, I know I could have contacted Amazon and they probably would have replaced it if I bothered to make a phone call. But who has that kind of time, nowadays? Plus, this was much more fun.

I'm referred to with male pronouns in most of the articles- I didn't want to play up the whole tranny or female angle, wanting the focus to be on the hack and not me. Some people were a little more observant, though (sort of :)

Also I should note again that 'Lara Blake' is a pseudo-name, and when I posted the instructable I forgot my username was also my Real Name. So the secrets out, I guess. Now please don't stalk me.


I'm Famous!

...in a small corner on the internet ;)

I decided to post an Instructable on my little Kindle fix, and it was made Featured and Popular! Hehe, yeah, I know it doesn't mean much, but it is kind of cool when you work hard on a project and then get a chance to show it off.

As of now I'm the Top popular hit on the homepage, but that will probably change by the time you get there. Just do a search for Amazon Kindle.

Hmm, now what am I going to do to top that?

In other news, I'm going to Cindy's birthday/going away party tomorrow. It's all the way in San Jose, which will be a pseudo-adventure. Since moving to San Francisco, besides flying out, I've yet to stray farther than Berkeley.

It's supposed to last the whole day and into the night. Ooh boy, better rest up.


I'm a Genius!


I haven't mentioned my much beloved Amazon Kindle in awhile.

That's because when I went to Florida last Christmas my sister accidentally stepped on it and cracked the screen to smithereens.

I toyed around with it when I got home and took it apart, seeing how everything fit together and worked. After some internet research, it donned on me that the Sony E-ink reader and the Kindle practically shared the same screen.

I happened to own a Sony Reader, which was gathering dust in a box somewhere, so I did what any DIYer would do- I took apart the Sony Reader and attempted a "Screen Transplant" to the Kindle.

After dismantling the Sony I quickly found out that glued on to the screen was an aluminum support frame with jutting parts that would make it impossible to fit into the Kindle. In the back of my mind I made a note to buy a Dremel and left the disassembled Kindle on a lonely corner on my workbench.

Well, last paycheck, having had some disposable cash for the first time in many months, I went ahead and ordered one of the cheapest Dremel models (along with like ten pairs of cute shoes).

The iconic rotary tool arrived yesterday, and I began the long process of using a cutting wheel to saw off the largest parts, and than grinding them down as close as I could. This was while I was behind the desk, by the way, so customers got treated to the sight of me in my construction gloves and safety goggles- always hilarious.

Once the screen was cut down to size, I fitted it into the Kindle and began the long process of of reassembly, going by memory and some pictures I took of the original dismantling. There was some puzzle solving required, but in the end the last screw was put in place. (Well, second to last- I had one left over.)

I turned it on, and... nothing. Well, I could tell that it was on and "working", the screen was just dead. It was a little disappointing, but I half-expected it to not really work anyway, figuring that maybe there was some little difference that made them incompatible. I packed up my tools and thought that was that.

A little later though I was in my room, trying to nap as my mind started playing through the events of the day (it was a pretty crummy day at work), when inspiration hit. I took off the back cover of the Kindle and started fiddling around, checking connections. I unplugged the screen from the main board, blew in the connector, and put it back in. I felt a satisfying *snap* as it clicked into place that I didn't recall before.

After replacing everything, I turned it on. And the screen started flashing.

Finally, the Amazon Logo popped up.


I felt so giddy I poured myself a glass of wine to celebrate. It's not perfect- it bulges a bit because I couldn't file the screen down as much as I would have liked, plus a couple of fairly important buttons don't function properly, but I take my victories where I can.

It works!!!!

Now to go get reacquainted with an old friend...

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