Thanks for the comments and emails responding to the Previous post. Sometimes I get into funks and feel down, but I really do have to focus on what I have, rather than what I don't. And if I really think about it, I rather like my situation now. Parties, maintaining social status- most of it's a waste of time, anyway.

I like having the free time to do my own thing- like make a Ghetto E-Ink Tank Top ;)

I don't expect any "fame" from that one. It was just a fun lil' project. But with Pay Day today, I can focus on my REAL projects, and hopefully it'll expand some minds.

I do have to watch my budget though, because I'm going to need the money- tomorrow morning I'm hopping on a Jet Plane.


I'll be going with 'Adi', the guy who helped me replace my iPhone, and 'Jewels', a coworker. I finally was able to get in touch with Dad, and hopefully I'll be able to get together with him and see my brothers. They're 17 and 16 now!

Boy, how time flies... I remember when the oldest was a toddler, running around, pulling his diaper off to poop on the floor for me to clean. Ahhh, Good Times...

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