I feel so weird. Just woke up from a long nap, groggy. Reading news articles about the attacks in India and people stranded in Thailand. Strange feeling brewing in my chest. Right now the World seems Big and Scary.


The Eternal Sleep of the Blogger

Haven't been posting much here lately. But haven't you heard?

Blogs are Dead!

Well, some of us are still clinging to life as we limp along. But I do wonder about the time I spend writing these stream of consciousness entries. Not much of this stuff is even TG Related anymore- it's just Me.

I have been pretty active on Twitter as of late, since I re-downloaded the iPhone app. I resisted at first, and then tried it out for a bit before quitting. But maybe reading that Wired article has polarized me- Twitter might not be the future, but it's a start. I can already see how easy it is to post an entry during a quick break or "in the Moment", as I did when I was dealing with a rowdy guest last night.

As others are doing, I'll keep this relic around for long form writing, when I have some great enlightenment to bestow upon the public. For now, I need to update my Facebook and get it going- something else I dislike but apparently is important to have as we Trek into the Future.

And for a preview of what to expect from my 'Tweets', I leave you with this:


P.S. This isn't a Good-Bye or a Blog Closure Announcement or anything. I'll still try to post regularly- I'm sure there will be something that gets my Goat that requires more than 140 characters to vent.


Wooo for Productivity

I was feeling particularly energetic today- maybe it's because I accidentally slept in until 7 instead of getting up at the usual 5.

But at any rate, I made a ToDo list about a mile long, and did every single one- very satisfying.

So now I'm lounging on my bed, alternating between looking at my clean room and smiling, and work I've brought home. Budget cuts.




Hehe, my hacked PSP is great. It took hours to configure properly, having to learn about 'poploaders' and 'PSAR dumpers', but I finally got it playing PS1 games.

I'm going through Resident Evil 1 right now, and as soon as I get a higher capacity memory card- Metal Gear Solid!


Plethora of Inanity

Was cleaning out my closet and came across my ole' PSP which has been unused for years. On a whim I decided to Hack it, so a few hours slipped away as I used Lumines to downgrade the firmware, and then after seeing the plethora of Custom Firmware, installed that.

A few minutes after that, I had a Super Nintendo emulator installed and was speeding through Super Mario World. Funny, but I bet that no matter how many polygons are systems start pushing as the years go by, there will always be people finding ways to load it up with old school stuff like that. Nostalgia can be a powerful force.

So my tickets home were purchased. I wasn't getting into Virginia until late, and had planned on renting a Car (with driver) and booking a four star hotel in DC to spend the night. Grandma insists on picking me up though, no matter how late. Heh, family.

Work has been killer, and lately I've had a lot of things to do. We've got a staff member who I'm pretty sure is doing drug deals with a guest, plus sleeping behind the desk, and to top it off her money has been off.

Maybe she has something on the boss though, because she keeps getting One More Chance. Well, whatever. It just pisses me off that despite all her failings, she still has the nerve to talk shit about me behind my back about the most inane things.

Ugh, anyway.

Ooh, yeah, remember my Kindle hack? A guy from Wired(!) emailed me today and said he was putting together an article about it and E-Ink in general and gave me a mini interview. It'll probably just end up in the Wired Blog, but still. Wired, man!


Red White n' Blue


So it took me a couple of days to recover. I didn't get too drunk at the Halloween Party, but I've cut down on my drinking so I guess my tolerance has gone down.

As I said before, I was "Sexy" Judy Jetson. I did snap a photo, but I was hesitant putting it up here because I think I look fat. It was the lighting! I had taken a deep breath! I just ate!

Oh well. It's been awhile since I posted a pic, so you guys deserve it.

I was invited to the Halloween party by 'Weena', the girl I used to work with at the restaurant who I had a tiny crush on Once Upon a Time. I went with Emmy and... Well, it's fuzzy. I know there was some dancing, a guy with a really good 'Joker' costume, (and one 'Joker' that wasn't as good) a cat...

From what I remember, it was fun. Better than sitting home alone, for sure.

Anyway, today, for the first time ever, I voted!

There were a few propositions on the ballot that I just had to vote against (and for).

It's pretty exciting, as I'm catching the enthusiasm that seems to be everywhere. I don't have a TV, but I've got MSNBC streaming live. Go Blue!


Oh Goddddd

Never again... ugh.

(Will update tomorrow when I'm less Hung Over)