Ooh Boy

That was...exhausting. But I 'spose the road to Nirvana is paved with blood, sweat, and tears.

I deviated from my original plan of lining up 5am Friday, and opted for 10pm Thursday when I saw the line size increasing on various blogs.

I hurriedly packed a bag and hurried out, hunkering down for a twenty hour wait. A certain comradery forms amongst people with a common goal, and I chatted with the interesting folk ahead of and behind me throughout the 'journey'.

I smoked way too much, got sunburned, and had to put up with the constant questions from passerbys, plus the occasional negative comment hurled out from a car as it sped past.

But in the end... It paid off, and I got the freakin' thing. I can't help but giggle maniacally everytime I use it.

I'll post some gAdg1T pR0N p1Cs during the next couple of days.



Not much happening. Well, not much un-iPhone related.

I just read a really positive Die Hard 4 review in the paper, and I'm pretty excited about seeing that tomorrow.

The Coffee Place never called back. C'est la vie. Next!

I actually paid for a TV show on iTunes, an old 'Monk' episode that I missed. I didn't know Monk's Dad came back! Rather than trying to hunt it down on Bittorrent and waiting six hours for it to download, wouldn't just playing $1.99 be more convenient? I happen to think so.

Now there's all those old 'House' episodes I never saw, and 'No Reservations', which looks pretty good...


'Scuse me

SWEDISH girl. I swear, after 2.5 years at this place all the European accents just start to blend together.

I do sense some chemistry, though. Too bad she's not in town long.

Anyhoo, another day, more iPhone news! I worked up a good sweat watching the latest videos posted over at the apple.com site. Every new little tidbit or feature, however minute, was worthy of pausing and rewatching a good five times.

Oooh Boy

So, here I am at work. The guy who was supposed to work the graveyard shift tonight... let's say that he exhibited signs that would make him unfit to man the desk. I made an executive decision to give him the night off. And all other days and nights off from work, as well.

So, that's where I am. And with 'SF Pride' already underway, it's off to a busy, crazy night.

Met a cute Ukranian girl tonight, though, so maybe all won't be lost.


How Very American

So I've begun my second job hunt, starting with a coffee shop.

I haven't been on a job interview for over two and a half years, but I was surprised how confident I was about the whole thing. I think it went well, and she said they'd call me later for a second interview. Course, maybe they say that to everyone, I don't know.

But still, it felt good, being able to answer all those typical interview questions, and relating the experiences I've learned here at the hotel.

Well, we'll see what happens. I could sure use a few extra bucks a month.


Back Home. Again.

Mmmmmm I wonder if Brent likes girls with something "Extra"?:


I won't be taking two weeks off, but I have concocted an "Elaborate Scheme" to get one of those phones in my hands on the 29th.

Anyhoo, so I'm back. Today has been weird. I've had three separate incidents with Assholes today, and one death threat in the past six hours of work. That's above average, even for 'Crackhead Central'. The first day back is always the worst, I guess.

The flight back was pretty sucky too, what with mechanical problems that delayed the flight, and the somewhat bumpy take-off and ascent. The flickering lights and intercom cutting off every third word didn't exactly inspire confidence, either.

And since I seem to be telling this story backwards, shades of 'Memento' style, I'll talk a bit about Vegas.

The Highlights were the Buffets and the Stratosphere. We ended up canceling our Nobu reservations to hit up the Bellagio Buffet again. In my three times there, I've always had just three things on my plate: Crab Legs, Melted Butter Sauce, and Smoked Salmon.

My cholesterol probably jumped a few notches.

And then the Stratosphere, with the rides at the top that get the heart pumping. Dangling over the edge of a building at 900 feet up is a bit of a rush.

So that was that. Mostly we just hung out, breaking from my carefully planned itinerary by vegging out beside a pool.

And now I'm home, and I think I'm going to stay in for a couple of days to recover and detox.


Vegas Baby! 2: Party Harder

So, here I am again.

Dad called me today. Finally. Apparently he didn't know I was here a couple of weeks ago, what with his cell turned off.

So that's good. Check out time is Sunday, but our flight out isn't 'til that night, so we can hang out with him and not have to lug our bags around.

Rosie is pretty cool. Up for anything, if you know what I mean. Maybe I'll put some (PG13) pics up later.

So, here we are. Boy, I get sick of this town pretty quickly.

But it's not too bad. I'm trying to have a lot of fun, live it up while I still have sand in the hourglass, so to speak.

Yeah, I'm a little drunk right now.

Trying to get my Apple fixes, I've been watching old MacWorld Keynotes on YouTube, and have started reading iCon. Pretty cool book. My Dad really is alot like Steve Jobs. Without all the success and money and all that jazz.

I'll try to update later between all the fun and good times I'm sure to have.


Cooking with Lara

Money has been tight, lately. What with the Vegas Trip, another one coming up, New Gadgets, Savings... Plus I loaned Mom another few hundred. When I get back on Monday, I'm going to seriously start hunting for a second job, at least for the summer.

I usually go out to eat every night, but I'm making cutbacks. So I went grocery shopping and stocked up my barely-used mini-fridge. I made myself dinner last night, and breakfast today, and it was actually pretty good!

I'm not much of a food nut, but there is a part of me that enjoys cooking. I did it all the time back home. I even watched some of those "Cooking with ..." shows and tried my hand at a few of the recipes.

So all in all, I already miss the exotic dishes I get when I eat out, but this should hold me over for awhile. Ugh, but boy is the clean-up a pain when you don't have a sink in your room.


Cult of Mac

Ugh, I might be sick. I just finished watching the MacWorld 2007 Keynote again... I've also started cleaning up and organizing my room in "Preperation". Can't expose a triumph of industrial design like the iPhone, with it's Revulutionary UI, to a cluttered room.

Oh, I also added a pic. Just one. I was hesitant, what with the mismatched underwear and 'pouch' I've been trying to get rid of fairly evident.

Oh well. At least the cleavage is nice from that angle...



I'm even dreaming about the iPhone now. Except in my dream, it was the communication device for some super-intelligent race that I stumbled upon in the bathroom.

So...what's up? Not much, really. I'm still recovering from Vegas, going to sleep early every night, staying away from drinking, trying to cut back on the smokes. I need to buy some more Nicorette...

I've got some 'goodies' for the Vegas trip, including a wireless, remote operated vibrator and handcuffs. Maybe the term for me is a "switcher", because when I'm around men I tend to be submissive, and in my relationships with women, I tend to be dominant. Not that I don't enjoy letting a girl tie me up and stuff, I just don't feel the same "charge" as having a guy be a little rough with me.

Anyhoo, I've got a little scenario planned with Rosie that should be a little fun for all involved. I'll go into more detail about that later.

Now, back to watching those iPhone commercials...

(P.S. And I'm not the only person excited about WiTricity, am I? Long live Tesla!)


I've got a FEVER!

And the only cure, is an iPHONE!

Well, I was going to hold off, but those new iPhone commercials have reeled me in. I must've watched each of them forty times by now. I even watched the MacWorld 2007 Keynote again, just to see more of this little wonder.

I think Brent said it best: "Jesus has come back and he's a phone now."

June 28th will probably see me spending the night in front of a Cing- er, AT&T Store. Better break out the lawn chair and blankets.


I've Been Through the Desert on a Horse with no Name

So I wasted $60 bucks on a cab ride trying to find Dad's address. Apparently the street he lives on has a North and South, and I went to the wrong one. I ran out of cash a few miles away, so I had the cabby drop me off and I started walking.

That was an adventure. When I found it was the wrong address, I got lucky by catching a cab pulling out of a gas station. He said it's pretty rare to be able to get one that far out from the strip.

So after that, I went to the Stratosphere and killed a couple of hours drinking and smoking. And then I went on the Star Trek: Experience, which was pretty cool. Being transported aboard the Enterprise was a Geeky dream come true.

So all in all, I had a good time, but two to three days is enough for me. I always get burnt out after that. Walking outside is like being in a blast furnace. Even the breeze feels like a wool blanket wrapping around me, making it hard to breath.

Back in San Francisco, stepping out of the airport and into the drizzly, wet fog brought a smile to my face. It was good to be home.

And now, ten days to go before I head back...


Just Say No

So I got into Vegas late Saturday. With all the sleep deprivation and caffeine pills I was downing every couple of hours, let's just say I was a little F*ed up. I puked my guts out a few times that night, without even touching alcohol.

I felt better Sunday morning though, and our day and night were pretty tame. We had crepes for breakfast, and just walked around the strip for awhile while we decided what to do. 'Amy' had brought her sister along, and they heard about a karaoke bar in Chinatown they wanted to try.

I went begrudgingly- my voice is terrible, and the last thing I like to do is sing. But we found out the place didn't open til 5 when we got there, so we went to the mall, bought Chinese beer and plum wine, and kicked back with those in the air conditioning til it opened.

By then I was a little loosened up and by the time we were done "singing" a couple of hours later, I found that I had actually had a lot of fun.

After that, we headed off to see Blue Man Group, which was totally different then I thought it would be- in a good way. I haven't seen many Vegas shows, but I thought it was the best I've seen. Afterwards, 'Amy' and her sister got a pic taken with one of the guys, and he "Marked" her face with some blue paint. She kept it on the whole night.

We had grand plans to go to a Strip Club, but after dinner we were all so tired we went back to the hotel and crashed. They're going back today, but my flight out isn't until tonight.

I'm going to grab some breakfast, go on a couple of rides, and then play Detective by trying to track down my Dad and Brothers, who never returned my calls, and now the cellphone is deactivated.


Hereeee we go, 130, almost 4. Have to return some earrrings after work. then the airlport! I'm prettty excidited. Vegas vegas vegas vegas. Hopefully 12 ;hours from now will have me at the palms, hitting it up at the ghostbar, or rain, or something leik that. oooops, work callls, agotta go

What's the Lethal Dose of Caffeine again?

Got a friend to pick me up some No-Doze tablets. WOoo HOoOOoO! Good as New!!!!

"When you have insomnia,"

"You're never really asleep...and you're never really awake."

"Am I asleep? ...Had I slept?"

"Is Tyler my bad dream, or am I Tyler's?"

Well the usual graveyard shift worker fell and broke his nose, so I'm filling in tonight, working a double until 4pm tomorrow. Plus, I have to leave for the airport right after I get off work.

Plus, 'Amy's hotel reservation isn't until Sunday afternoon, so when we arrive Saturday night we're going to be up painting the town red til' check in time.

Plus, this insomniac's wet dream got kicked off with only a three hour nap, and a four hour sleep the previous night.

So far, so good though. Heh, course I'm only an hour into this 48 hour stint. But I've got my green tea. And my Jolt Caffeinated Gum for emergencies.