Ooh Boy

That was...exhausting. But I 'spose the road to Nirvana is paved with blood, sweat, and tears.

I deviated from my original plan of lining up 5am Friday, and opted for 10pm Thursday when I saw the line size increasing on various blogs.

I hurriedly packed a bag and hurried out, hunkering down for a twenty hour wait. A certain comradery forms amongst people with a common goal, and I chatted with the interesting folk ahead of and behind me throughout the 'journey'.

I smoked way too much, got sunburned, and had to put up with the constant questions from passerbys, plus the occasional negative comment hurled out from a car as it sped past.

But in the end... It paid off, and I got the freakin' thing. I can't help but giggle maniacally everytime I use it.

I'll post some gAdg1T pR0N p1Cs during the next couple of days.

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