Back Home. Again.

Mmmmmm I wonder if Brent likes girls with something "Extra"?:


I won't be taking two weeks off, but I have concocted an "Elaborate Scheme" to get one of those phones in my hands on the 29th.

Anyhoo, so I'm back. Today has been weird. I've had three separate incidents with Assholes today, and one death threat in the past six hours of work. That's above average, even for 'Crackhead Central'. The first day back is always the worst, I guess.

The flight back was pretty sucky too, what with mechanical problems that delayed the flight, and the somewhat bumpy take-off and ascent. The flickering lights and intercom cutting off every third word didn't exactly inspire confidence, either.

And since I seem to be telling this story backwards, shades of 'Memento' style, I'll talk a bit about Vegas.

The Highlights were the Buffets and the Stratosphere. We ended up canceling our Nobu reservations to hit up the Bellagio Buffet again. In my three times there, I've always had just three things on my plate: Crab Legs, Melted Butter Sauce, and Smoked Salmon.

My cholesterol probably jumped a few notches.

And then the Stratosphere, with the rides at the top that get the heart pumping. Dangling over the edge of a building at 900 feet up is a bit of a rush.

So that was that. Mostly we just hung out, breaking from my carefully planned itinerary by vegging out beside a pool.

And now I'm home, and I think I'm going to stay in for a couple of days to recover and detox.

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Hodgy said...

Welcome home! :)