Still working, still studying. The Test beckons ominously, and I'll be glad when that's out of the way this week.

Lately I've become somewhat obsessed with personal efficiency and improvement. Lately I'm giving a 30 day trial of being a vegetarian a try. And from the same site, I've been using the tips to become an Early Riser, waking up at 5am instead of 6:30. Heh, maybe just in time, too. Of course, this world is full of contradictions.

I actually feel more rested than I did when I was sleeping in later, though, maybe the vegetables are helping out with the energy boost, too.

Now, I just have to finally break out that jump rope and get some cardio in.


Well I've been pretty scarce, lately. I'm cramming for a math test coming up next week. Math has never been my strong point- the left hemisphere of my brain has suffered extreme beatings from it's counterpart on the right. Though I do respect math and find beauty in the universal language, I'm just no good at it.

So I've had to study extra hard just to grasp the basics, to stop my eyes from glazing over at the sight of an algebraic expression, but I'm making progress.

I haven't talked about College Life very much. The last entry I recall was years ago, when I was trying to decide which major to pursue. Biochemistry or Physics or Electrical Engineering or whatnot. Well, I finally did decide, somewhat on the spur of the moment- something which I'm infamous for.

Mom was pretty shocked, and frankly, so was I. I've always rebelled against the Establishment, the Corporate Machine. The last thing I'd want is to become another cog. But I started thinking, and unfortunatly, ecstatic idealism isn't always enough.

Look at Nikola Tesla, who tried to give Wireless Energy to the world for free, only to be halted and discredited by industrialist J. P. Morgan who stopped funding Tesla when he realized he wouldn't make a profit.

In this world where R&D can cost hundreds of millions, where politics is everything, where you have to play by Their rules or go home, change can only happen from the inside out. If you can't beat the International Corporate Conglomerates, then join them- as long as you get to be the boss, anyway.

Which is why I'm majoring in Business Administration: Concentration in Entrepreneurship. You can't play the game if you don't know the rules, right?


Wowsers, now that I can get online from almost anywhere in the city... I can't even describe it. I've been experimenting with RSS feeds and Flicr and wiki's and it's just unbelievable. The community, the connections... It's like we're on the verge of some sort of technological nexus, like an event horizon.

Years ago I was thinking about how eventually wearable computers, combined with the internet, would give us universal instantaneous access to all information. I'm glad to see we're on track.


So, here I am in my room, ONLINE!

I probably shouldn't have, but I was walking by a Sprint store and went in on a whim, inquiring about EVDO cards. And the Cute salesgirl, bless her heart, said there was a "today only special offer" that, though I knew there was nothing "special" about it, tempted me enough to pull out my Visa and plop $100 down, and contractually obligated myself to pay $60 a month for the next two years.

I think I deserve a little treat, right? I negotiated a special deal with my boss- I work my hardest, on call 24/7, go above and beyond the call of my job description, and in return, my room is comped. COMPED! So, I'm riding high on the hundreds and hundreds of $'s I'm saving every month in one of the country's most expensive cities. And yes, occasional light splurges exampled above aside, I'm dutifully putting that little extra into my savings account.

More later- I've gotta take this baby for a test drive.


People are crazy. They are. Sure, mostly everyone can function in society, but it's just a shell, covering the gooey nugent of Insanity.

Women especially, and an XY chromosome hasn't spared me. I know I can be clingy, that when I fall for someone, I fall Hard and am ready to say 'I Do' after 'Hello'. Yeah, I'm one of "Those". But, proving the duality of my nature, I'm also Cold. Cold, standoffish, and Professional, even in informal settings.

I remember growing up, crying myself to sleep over an inability to make friends. Just rereading five years worth of diary entries can show how much I've changed. It's interesting, having this chronicle of adolescence to young-adulthood, the ups and downs, all in the first person.

But I've finally come to terms with that. Really. I'm finally at that point where I can say I don't care what people think. I mean, yeah, when it comes to my physical image, I'm pretty Crazy. Duality again. My appearance is something I can obsess over all day, making sure every hair is in place, lint and wrinkle-free clothing, numerous skin care regimens, etc. If someone insults that I can thank them for their honesty, keep my head up high, and then fall to peices when I get home and obsess over it for the next week. (I'm STILL second-guessing the outfit I wore to a Christmas party)

But that's because I'm crazy.

Now if someone has a problem with my attitude, if I don't make chit-chat about the weather or politics or some other bullshit while you're paying your rent, and you take offense to that, well, go copulate with yourself. My job is a job, and I'm not out to make friends with every guy who comes through the door.

So what brings this rant on? Oh, that coworker I've mentioned before brought it up, said that she's been getting complaints. Nothing about my job performance, just being Cold, and that she thought I should know. I thanked her and told her, for future reference, to direct any complaints to myself or my supervisor.

I talked to my boss, asking if he's received any complaints and repeating what I was told, and he prefers my no non-sense attitude, though he did mention that smiling occasionally wouldn't kill me.

Fair enough.

Yeah, I'm Cold. And darned proud of it, too.


Well nothing is set in stone yet, but as it stands, I think I'm heading for the Bahamas for a little fun in the sun, with a stop-off in Florida to see my Mom for a few days before heading back home. I'll probably take my sisters to Disneyland or something too, while I'm there.

I've always been self-conscious about going to the beach, or the pool, for that matter, but I have to get over that eventually. Who knows? Maybe a tan might look good on my pasty exterior.


With the help of WindowBlinds, Firefox Themes, and Widgets, I'm finally getting my desktop under control and, I think, aesthetically pleasing, as well. Jeez, I've posted so many links lately I should be getting paid.

Not Bad, eh?

Anyhoo, I'm thinking about taking a trip. In April practically every employee is going on vacation, leaving me to run things for a couple of weeks. Maybe in May I'll take little train trip somewhere, or maybe even a flight south of the border. I'll look into it some more.

I'm really getting that 'itch' to move around a little, so a little shore-leave might help. I'll keep you updated...


Heh, got my watch today from Tokyoflash, earlier then expected. With the bulky LED face and shiny black metal band, it's like something straight out of an Anime, circa 1982- which happens to be my kind of style. So long, Gucci watch, keep my desk drawer company.

Too bad I don't have a camera anymore.

So, that helps offset the bleh feeling from having to fill in for a sick coworker on my mythical day off. And of course, the shit always hits the fan hardest right when I start.

"I'm not even supposed to be here today!" (Clerks!)

Ah well, unbelievable. At least I have some time to organize my bookmarks, thanks to a few tips from lifehacker. I'm also toying around with some Firefox hacks, er, 7337 haXx0Rs, to streamline my Internet productivity (pr0n hunting, etc.)

Now that San Francisco finally has EVDO, I've been considering signing up for it. $80 a month for unlimited "Broadband-like" downloads is a little steep, but than again it might be worth it to surf myself to sleep from the comfort of my own bed, or to play some Half-Life 2 from a shady spot in Golden Gate Park.


Hey, what do you know, that sick coworker is feeling well enough to come back to work, so I'll wrap it up here.