So, here I am in my room, ONLINE!

I probably shouldn't have, but I was walking by a Sprint store and went in on a whim, inquiring about EVDO cards. And the Cute salesgirl, bless her heart, said there was a "today only special offer" that, though I knew there was nothing "special" about it, tempted me enough to pull out my Visa and plop $100 down, and contractually obligated myself to pay $60 a month for the next two years.

I think I deserve a little treat, right? I negotiated a special deal with my boss- I work my hardest, on call 24/7, go above and beyond the call of my job description, and in return, my room is comped. COMPED! So, I'm riding high on the hundreds and hundreds of $'s I'm saving every month in one of the country's most expensive cities. And yes, occasional light splurges exampled above aside, I'm dutifully putting that little extra into my savings account.

More later- I've gotta take this baby for a test drive.

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