This guy had been staying at the hotel for a few days. Seemed like a normal guy, paid his rent on time and all that. Lately I noticed he stopped dropping his key off at the front desk when he left, and seemed to walk around in a daze.

Today I thought he was drunk when he came stumbeling in. He fell down as he was waiting for the elevator, and I helped him up, asked if he needed an ambulance, but he said he was fine. I've seen it a hundred times, so I brushed it off.

About an hour later someone comes down and says he's lying on the floor in the hallway. I go up and check, and he's conscious, but he's not responding. He maintains eye contact as I call an ambulance. After they arrive he stops breathing and they begin CPR.

They pronounce him dead at 13:02, the paramedics were saying it was probably an overdose.

I barely knew the guy, but I still cried. It's a weird, numbish kind of feeling I have now. That could have been me, back in January when I had that bad X. Lying on the crummy floor dying while the cops joke around.



Bah, I'm bummed.

Went to schedule a long overdue hair appointment today, and I found out my stylist quit! I spent a year at this place trying out a new person every month until I found the perfect one, who I saw exclusively for the next year.

So now they've set me up with his former apprentice. Bah. Guess I'll see how that goes...

In other news, I'm still sticking to the 48 hour day, and I've yet to have a psychotic breakdown. I actually seem to have more energy now. Before I would get dead tired around 2pm (most mammals being biphasic and all) but now I notice an increase in energy right up until a scheduled sleep period.

It's a little fun, burning the midnight oil.

In other, other news I just saw the trailer for The Prestige, and it looks great. David Bowie plays Nikola Tesla!


Well, Hell must have frozen over, and I think I see pigs flying by my window.

I crossed over do the Dark Side yesterday- I bought an ipod!

After I cashed 'Staci's check I found myself walking by the Apple Store, and felt myself being pulled through the silvery archway.

An 8gb mini-obelisk of black anondized aluminum proved too much to resist.

In addition, I used WindowBlinds and various other Stardock products to make my Windows desktop look more Mac-like. My next laptop will be a macbook Pro.


So, I'm evil- Yet-Another-Cult-of-Mac-Brainwash-ee. I'm so ashamed :(

But, I'm not completly evil. I've also gotten a (black) DS Lite and the New Super Mario Bros. game and Harvest Moon DS. You can't be THAT bad if you're running around stomping Goombas and planting crops all day, right?


Entries are just getting farther apart, aren't they?

The boss took another extended vacation. On top of that, a couple of employees have been flaking out, calling fifteen minutes late to say they won't be coming in at all. That's a pretty sucky feeling, getting ready and looking forward to leave after a long day, and then finding out you're working a double.

Besides that, the Russian Girl has gotten out of jail. Seems she's cleaned up a bit. She pops in occasionally to say Hi, sometimes we get lunch, but I'm smartly (for once) keeping my distance.

'Ana's been giving me free guitar and piano lessons. She's going to be moving out pretty soon.

And the Cold Fish, 'Staci' called me up out of the blue. Awhile ago I gave her some money through paypal to help fix her car. She denied the transaction, but apparently it still went through so the money's been sitting in her account all this time. When she realized it she wanted to meet up and pay it back.

We had a surprisingly nice time in North Beach, going to her favorite pizza place. Things were alot more comfortable and less awkward. She said she's sorry we fell out of touch, and wanted to reconnect. We're going to some faire together next weekend.

ANOTHER high school sweetheart tracked me down and wants me to go visit her in Freeport, NY.

Weird how these people are all coming back into my life at once.

Speaking of travel, Mom called me up and said instead of me flying them out here for Christmas, I should go out there and take a Bahamas cruise with them. That sounded kind of cool, but a little later she changed her mind again, saying that instead of spending all this money on travel, she'll just fly me out there to Florida and we can spend the money on each other.

So, guess I'm going to Florida again. Not really looking forward to flying out there again. I was having fun planning their trip out here, all the stuff we would see that I STILL haven't gotten around to yet, like going across the Golden Gate, taking the Alcatraz tour, etc.

But hey, I guess spending time with the family is what's important.

Let's see... I've been reading a great book called 'The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists'. It reminds me alot of 'Fight Club', but instead of fighting, these guys have turned seducing women into a science, a 'Venusian Art'.

I've got so many freakin' pdf ebooks now, dozens upon dozens, that I'm thinking about picking up Sony's E-ink reader when it comes out. 7,500 page turns on a single charge. That's enough to read the entire Harry Potter series three times over.

A little steep, but I still remember an article in Popular Mechanics (Or Science) I read way back in 1997 about E-Ink. I must have read the article a hundred times, and thought to myself "It will be mine... Oh yes, it will be mine..."

Finally, almost ten years later, that day is almost here. Of course, a couple of years from now they'll probably have color and Full Motion Video versions, but it's still pretty damn cool.


Been awhile since my last entry.

Soooooooo, what's been happening?

Not much, really. Same ole', same ole'. Working, playing around with various projects. While I'm waiting for a dewar to arrive to hold some liquid nitrogen, I've been working on something to get me around town, a cross between an electric scooter, a skateboard and a dystopic steampunk alterverse.

Welding is fun!

'Ana' is still staying here most nights, and I have to say, I've gotten rather fond of the company. We've been hanging out alot. Like, alot. After work we hang out in the Mission, or at a park, or just in my room.

The other night I finally watched Sixteen Candles for the first time, one of her favorite movies. (I've noticed that seems to be alot of girls' favorite movie) It was pretty cute, us laying on our stomaches, feet in the air, clutching stuffed animals and tearing up when the guy kissed her over the birthday cake.

(Course, as the credits rolled I got cyncial and said "But they don't even really know each other!")

Most nights we stay up late, me tinkering away at the workbench while she paints or writes song lyrics.

It's nice. Cozy. I'll miss it when she moves.