Well, Hell must have frozen over, and I think I see pigs flying by my window.

I crossed over do the Dark Side yesterday- I bought an ipod!

After I cashed 'Staci's check I found myself walking by the Apple Store, and felt myself being pulled through the silvery archway.

An 8gb mini-obelisk of black anondized aluminum proved too much to resist.

In addition, I used WindowBlinds and various other Stardock products to make my Windows desktop look more Mac-like. My next laptop will be a macbook Pro.


So, I'm evil- Yet-Another-Cult-of-Mac-Brainwash-ee. I'm so ashamed :(

But, I'm not completly evil. I've also gotten a (black) DS Lite and the New Super Mario Bros. game and Harvest Moon DS. You can't be THAT bad if you're running around stomping Goombas and planting crops all day, right?

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