This guy had been staying at the hotel for a few days. Seemed like a normal guy, paid his rent on time and all that. Lately I noticed he stopped dropping his key off at the front desk when he left, and seemed to walk around in a daze.

Today I thought he was drunk when he came stumbeling in. He fell down as he was waiting for the elevator, and I helped him up, asked if he needed an ambulance, but he said he was fine. I've seen it a hundred times, so I brushed it off.

About an hour later someone comes down and says he's lying on the floor in the hallway. I go up and check, and he's conscious, but he's not responding. He maintains eye contact as I call an ambulance. After they arrive he stops breathing and they begin CPR.

They pronounce him dead at 13:02, the paramedics were saying it was probably an overdose.

I barely knew the guy, but I still cried. It's a weird, numbish kind of feeling I have now. That could have been me, back in January when I had that bad X. Lying on the crummy floor dying while the cops joke around.


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