Sorry for the lack of updates.

I should just change this to the 'Complain about Work' blog.

Anyway, we had to let some people go, so I was working 90 hour weeks for a while there. The paycheck was great, but I took a few days off afterwards to recover.

'Ana' had gone on a roadtrip with her Dad so they could reconnect, but things went sour and he ended up stranding her in Vegas.

I tried calling my Dad to see if he could help out, but he didn't answer, of course. We haven't heard from him or the boys since early August.

So, I bought 'Ana' a ticket back to San Francisco. It was pretty cheap, but the ticket wasn't debited to my account till days later. So for every coffee or pack of gum I bought, my account was actually in the negative without my realizing it, and I was charged $35 for every charge.

Ended up costing about $300. Ouch.

Speaking of 'Ana', she hasn't even been staying here that much since she made friends with a guy with a recording studio in his apartment. Plus she recently found a job, and she said she'd pay me back for everything.

Well anyway, I'm just excited about Halloween. I haven't really celebrated it in years, but I might have some fun this year. I'll be attending the Exotic Erotic Ball with The Vegan, and we'll probably spend the 31st together, too. Now that she has a cellphone we've been hanging out alot more.

We're going to go costume shopping tomorrow- still not sure what I'll be...

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