Well, Halloween has come and gone, and I'm still recovering. I really didn't intend to drink so much- just kinda happened.

'Ana' originally was going to stay in because she didn't want to drink, which would cause her to smoke, but she was having guy troubles and ended up smoking anyway, so she she said 'Fuck It' and went out with me.

My costume was a hodge-podge of things I found at the Buffalo Exchange. I was going to wear some purple fairy wings too, but they just got in the way.

'Ana' didn't really have a costume, except for my wings which I let her wear. (By the end of the night she had gotten some pink 1950ish style sunglasses and an oversized top-hat that she found on the street.)

As soon as we left the hotel a guy offered to let us share a cab with him to The Mission, where we stopped off at a Bar called The Attic and I had a couple of Cosmos. Coincidentally, this is also where things start to get a bit blurry.

We stopped by a liquor store and got some Vodka, and than headed to the Castro for the annual party there, but outside alcohol wasn't allowed so we didn't end up going in. (Good thing, too- nine people got shot when a guy pulled out a gun.)

During the next ten minutes, I somehow downed my bottle of vodka while 'Ana' went to find a bathroom, and she came back to find me sitting on the sidewalk, making out with some guy. Heh, my first kiss with a boy and I don't even remember what he looked like.

It's a total blur after that, punctuated with me vomitting in the street several times while 'Ana' practically carried me back home. So that was my night, really. 90% of it is a blank.

The next morning I was out of commission until 2PM, so I'm glad I didn't have to work. After that morning, I vowed to never drink again. Wonder how long that will last?

Posted a few blurry, pre-shit faced pics up on Flickr. Seeya!

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