So, I'm in Florida right now. Vegas was alright.

But I'm too upset to talk about it all right now.

I tried to take my sister to see an R-Rated movie and the stupid old woman wouldn't let me by one because only legal guardians can by an under 17 a ticket. Sure, I'm her guardian I said, and she asked for proof.

I countered with "Well, I don't see you asking for Guardianship Papers from everyone else around here." Than she just smiled condescendingly and said "If you were her guardian, you'd be older." Older?! I'm 24! There's never been a 24 year old guardian before?!

Well, that's not the point. I know that's the policy on R-Rated movies. What upset me (and Mom later, when she was screaming at management when she had to turn around to come pick us up) was that they have this policy, and they only selectively enforce it. My Mom's boyfriend isn't their legal guardian, but he's taken em' to a few R rated movies and they never asked for legal Papers.

Fucking Muvico. I'm calling for a boycott!

Ha, I can feel them squirming in the Head Office now, terrified at the power of a scathing blog post....

Or Not.


Why why why before I'm do to take a plane ride, stories of plane crashes start appearing in the news?

Conventional theory would say that I only notice those stories when I'm about to fly, because it becomes relevant to my life, or whatever.

Still, it's spooky.


Well, I've done such a good job at work that my boss has offered to fly me 'home' to Florida for a week...with paid vacation time! I'll be leaving Tuesday afternoon and heading to Las Vegas, where Dad is supposed to meet me. I haven't seen him or my brothers for over a year, now.

I'll spend about six hours there, and then I'll fly out to Tampa.

So I've been preparing for that by trying to get my room reorganized so I don't come home to a mess. The container store has been my friend, as I've tried to get everything under control. I just want it to look less cluttered.

Ugh, I have way too much junk.


Well I'm still here.

I've been to nightclubs and such, but I've never actually been 'Clubbing'. I usually hang out at the bar and try to keep to myself.

But 'Amy' and I went out the other night, all decked out. I was wearing those slutty pink heels and some fishnets with a tight pinstripe skirt with a corset, and we started the night off at Bondage a-Go-Go.

I was going to do my usual thing at the bar, but 'Amy' dragged me off to the dance floor and taught me some moves.

I never danced back when I was in 'Boy-mode'. It made me feel so stupid and awkward, and that carried over with me through my transition. But 'girl-dancing' on the other hand felt so smooth and right. I actually had fun!

And I got an ego boost when a few guys congregated a bit behind us and I heard a few nice things said about my legs.

'Amy' took some pics. It'll probably be awhile until she develops em', but I'll put them up when she does.