Well I'm still here.

I've been to nightclubs and such, but I've never actually been 'Clubbing'. I usually hang out at the bar and try to keep to myself.

But 'Amy' and I went out the other night, all decked out. I was wearing those slutty pink heels and some fishnets with a tight pinstripe skirt with a corset, and we started the night off at Bondage a-Go-Go.

I was going to do my usual thing at the bar, but 'Amy' dragged me off to the dance floor and taught me some moves.

I never danced back when I was in 'Boy-mode'. It made me feel so stupid and awkward, and that carried over with me through my transition. But 'girl-dancing' on the other hand felt so smooth and right. I actually had fun!

And I got an ego boost when a few guys congregated a bit behind us and I heard a few nice things said about my legs.

'Amy' took some pics. It'll probably be awhile until she develops em', but I'll put them up when she does.

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