La purrrr

Sent Stacia a rather long email to speak my peace. I put alot into it
and I think it got pretty sweet near the end. In fact, I'll go so far
as to say it was one of my most touching writings in awhile, and
basically said I can't stand her and wished her the best.

It wasn't quite that abrubt though. Quite beautiful.

Of course I don't even think she read it to the end and just said
something along the lines that I was harrassing her with insults.

Ah well, some things just can't end well. So I've gotten over that
pretty quickly, and now on to Halloween.

My "costume" is basically just a really slutty tube dress with slits
up the side, and some cat ears.

With Stacia out, I'm not sure what I'll do. Probaly just hop around
some clubs. I'm taking off work tomorrow, in preparation for a massive

Who knows, maybe I'll meet some new friends tonight.


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Just call me Jill Valentine

I'll also accept Ash.

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Well the Leopard install went smoothly. Took a nap, and when I woke up it was done. So far I haven't had any problems that some others have had.

Dreams- I've been dreaming about zombies lately. Not nightmares (I can't even remember the last time I had one of those) but just... Zombies.

Usually I'm the lone survivor, or I'm trying to save someone. I think in one the possibility was open that my brother might have been eaten. (My dreams are filled with cliffhangers)

I haven't even played Resident Evil in ages. Well, in case the Zombie Apocolypse is near, I've got my copy of 'The Zombie Survival Guide'.

In other news, this time, For SURE, Stacia and I are done. We reconnected a bit after her relationship woes, but the girl is, Pardon the cliché, crazy.

Everything I do or say, if it doesn't involve instantly fulfilling her wishes, is a subversive psychological manipulation on my part.

She can call me names in jest, but when I do the same, I have a 'spiteful' edge to it. She dropped by to pick up the resumé I printed out for her, and she wanted to use my computer to check her email. I said I was working, but I'd be off in a 1/2 hour and she could check
it then.

The boss was already a little upset (and he doesn't like her that much anyway) so I didn't want to rock the boat. Now, we had plans to hang out on Halloween, but apparently she had to 'punish' me, so out of the blue she said she was busy that night and couldn't make it.

Keep in mind I had no idea that she got miffed about the email thing. It came out in an argument later. So I was upset about her sudden backing out, and that I had already gave her some money to spend on our night out (which I asked her to give back for backing out, but she
'wasn't sure when' she'd be able to return it)

So our quiet exchange blew up as she kept accusing me of things I didn't even do, that's completly in her head. She literally seemed INCAPABLE of understanding where I was coming from at all, that I just didn't want to get at trouble at work for letting her check her email.

As the fight was reaching its conclusion, she tried to hurt me again by saying something along the lines of 'Well I WAS going to forgive you and hang out but after what you just said-'

I didn't let her finish- I just gave her the resumé and told her to have a nice life.

Ugh... Women...

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Christmas comes Early!

So look what showed up today, two hours before the scheduled delivery. The box hologram is pretty cool- it seems to have a depth, giving the impression you can fall into another universe if you look to closely.

Yes, please.

My Dad bought an iMac yesterday, so I walked him through the iChat setup, and before long I had the first Video Chat with my Mac. Boy, I remember playing around with stuff like that years ago on a PC, but it was basically a slideshow. It's amazing how far it's come in just a couple of years.

So that inspired me, and I've decided to buy a Mac for my Mom and Sisters for Christmas- that way I'll be able to see them a little more. And maybe I can start a video conference with Dad, too, so the whole family can be together again for a few minutes, virtually.


Well two month anniversary of Not Smoking today. Hard to believe.

In Mac news, I preordered the Leopard OS upgrade. No camping out, this

I also bought my pass to the upcoming MacWorld Expo. My first one- I'm
pretty excited.

And in other news, I'm not feeling well, so I'm going to lay down for
a bit.

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Lazzzy Sunday

Well, it started off that way.

I slept in until around 8:30am, and then I went to get breakfast- bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, and French toast, with extra butter and syrup. See? I'm not anorexic. (My Mom had a talk with me so that period of craziness I wrote about in my last entry is over with, for now.)

And then I took a long walk around the city. Nike was sponsoring a marathon for cancer or something, so there were alot of women walking around with pink running shirts. I went to borders and caught up with a few of the latest periodicals, and then I went back home and napped until 2pm.

Then Stacia called.

She was 'Off Again' with her significant other and I guess she wanted to vent. So we went out and had some wine. It was fine for awhile but we started fighting again as usual, but nothing too major.

I rarely go to 'The Mission' but it's a good place to walk around. We ended up hanging out until almost midnight or so- 9 hours filled with sushi, alcohol, and falafel.

It wasn't as lazy as I would have liked, but still a rather uneventful Sunday.



I don't have a scale, but I happened to be on one the other day, and I got all depressed about my weight. Sure, I had my clothes and shoes on, and had just eaten a steak and lobster dinner, but it was still rather depressing seeing that wheel spin towards 148.

So now I've been eating yogurt for breakfast and some carrot sticks for lunch.



Search Inside!

Call me a corny geek if you must, but I laughed out loud when I saw this book cover with Trademarked phrase.


The few joys of air travel...

So I'm back in San Francisco. That was...an experience. Most of the family was there, including some cousins that I haven't seen in over five years. The service went well, I suppose, and everyone commented on how peaceful grandpa looked.

First, as a visual, it wasn't like the movies or anything. We all went as a group to the funeral home, and there was grandpa laying in a large cardboard box, covered up to his neck in a blue plastic tarp. I was told he didn't spring for a casket, as he felt pretty much the same way I do- you're dead, so what does it matter?

It was all pretty surreal. He's laying there, looking like he's taking a nap. Everyone's quiet for awhile, and then someone starts a running commentary of our mortality, that this is where we all end up. There's some quiet agreements all around. People are starting to tear up.

Someone else says that he's in a better place now, with grandma. I don't roll my eyes, but I raise my eyebrows a bit.

And then people start loosening up, talking amongst themselves. People start telling funny stories about grandpa. Someone else goes on about all the paperwork they need to go through to get his money out of the bank.

Me, I just stood in corner, occasionally glancing over at the box, thinking about life and death and philosophy and all that crap. Reflecting, I suppose.

It was over pretty fast, and soon everyone starting piling out. I was the last one out of the room, the last person in the family to see him as a body before he was burned down to a few cubic centimeters of ash. I bid a final farewell and closed the door.

After that, I tried to spend as much time with my Mom and Sisters as I could before I flew out. And finally, after a few delays, I got back home around 130AM and slept in til' 6am before getting ready for work.


Not all Firsts are good

My Mom just called me an hour ago to tell me my Great-Grandfather passed away. The funeral is tomorrow, so I'm flying out at Noon, and I'll head back tomorrow evening.

He was 94, so he lived a full life, I suppose. Growing up, I remember him telling me and my cousins old war stories. One time his group was holed up in an office building and eventually found themselves surrounded by the enemy. Pretty soon, the Nazis had lit it on fire and were shooting people as they ran out. Grandpa was the sole survivor, because he was the only person small enough to squeeze through a back window and escape.

That story always stuck in my mind because if it wasn't for his small frame and that window, a good chunk of our family, myself included, wouldn't be here.

So anyway, I suppose funerals are a part of life- it just caught me unexpectedly. I suppose they always do.


Still Cleaning

Well, I bought my plane ticket to Florida today. It already cost $400,
so I figured I should get it now as Christmas is quickly approaching.

The Boss hinted that he'd pay me back for the ticket, plus I might get
some paid vacation time and a Christmas bonus on top of it.

Not too shabby.

So I'm still working on my room. Its not so much messy now, as
cluttered. I figured since I'm going to be here, hopefully, at least
another year, I might as well make it livable- maybe even a little

I went to the container store and picked up some shelving and drawers,
and I replaced my lightbulbs with compact florescents that claim
'natural' lighting. I don't know about that, but it does make a huge
difference. Finally that yellow tinge is gone.

I also threw away a ton of crap, donated some books and clothes, and
expanded my lab bench so everything's not piled together.

I'm proud of the place, finally. More room for my robot to crawl
around, now.

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I need some more Comfortable shoes

Wow, I haven't walked that much in awhile.

Yesterday was a pretty active day in San Francisco- tons of events going on. I figured that as long as I've lived here, I should start making the time to experience more of the city. And now that my social calendar is wide open, it's a little easier.

It was Fleet Week, so I walked up to the Pier and saw some of the Navy ships that were docked. They had free tours, but the lines were huge and since it wasn't the 'USS Eldridge', I'm not that interested anyway.

Than I walked down through "Little Italy", where the Italian Heritage Parade was Marching. Saw the Mayor again and for the Second Time, could swear he winked at me. Guess he does that to everyone :)

So from there I began the long walk back, passing through the financial district, Chinatown, and Union Square. I love how diverse the city is, and how everything can change in a few blocks.

Before I got home I remembered that the Castro Street Fair was going on, so I began another long walk. Passed a KFC along the way and couldn't resist a Honey BBQ Burger with Potato Wedges and a Cherry Coke. Ahhhh, the joys of having a fast metabolism...

Anyhoo, so I just walked around that a bit, taking in the sites and drinking beer. (I usually only drink Guinness, but at the fair I discovered a fondness for Miller Genuine Draft.) Ah, and I got hit on my a lot of "Older Drag Queens".

So, with my legs and feet now killing me, I took a train back and spent a little while cleaning before The Simpsons came on.

Yup, the fun and excitement never ends with me around...


7337 h4cK1n sK1lllzzz

Well, 'The Actress' and I broke up. Short, but sweet.

So what have I been doing? Science'ing, mostly.

I mentioned my sleep experiment before. For a couple of weeks now, I've got it down to about four hours a night, but I still need a thirty minute nap after work.

That's four extra hours in my day, and I've found myself trying to fill that space with something productive, now that I've burnt the bridges to the key players in my social life.

I'm working on a robot now- something I've always wanted to do but had been held back by lack of programming skills. With the extra time though, I'm trying to teach myself the "basics", no pun intended. Ahhh, Computer Science Humor.

I'm also learning a little French.

As you can see, I'm still working things out. Soon I'll meet new people, but for now I'm just basking in the solitude. For now, I don'thave to deal with neediness or backstabbing- No manipulation, just... Silence.