I need some more Comfortable shoes

Wow, I haven't walked that much in awhile.

Yesterday was a pretty active day in San Francisco- tons of events going on. I figured that as long as I've lived here, I should start making the time to experience more of the city. And now that my social calendar is wide open, it's a little easier.

It was Fleet Week, so I walked up to the Pier and saw some of the Navy ships that were docked. They had free tours, but the lines were huge and since it wasn't the 'USS Eldridge', I'm not that interested anyway.

Than I walked down through "Little Italy", where the Italian Heritage Parade was Marching. Saw the Mayor again and for the Second Time, could swear he winked at me. Guess he does that to everyone :)

So from there I began the long walk back, passing through the financial district, Chinatown, and Union Square. I love how diverse the city is, and how everything can change in a few blocks.

Before I got home I remembered that the Castro Street Fair was going on, so I began another long walk. Passed a KFC along the way and couldn't resist a Honey BBQ Burger with Potato Wedges and a Cherry Coke. Ahhhh, the joys of having a fast metabolism...

Anyhoo, so I just walked around that a bit, taking in the sites and drinking beer. (I usually only drink Guinness, but at the fair I discovered a fondness for Miller Genuine Draft.) Ah, and I got hit on my a lot of "Older Drag Queens".

So, with my legs and feet now killing me, I took a train back and spent a little while cleaning before The Simpsons came on.

Yup, the fun and excitement never ends with me around...

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