The day started off well, sort of, but started going rapidly downhill around 6pm. But before that, as I went about enjoying my day, I was thinking about how I'd sum it up in a blog. Though I feel like shit, I'll try to muster up some enthusiasm.

I was a little sluggish in the morning, but it was my first day off in over a month, so I thought I'd make the best of it. After I delt with a little work and family related crap, I finally got out around 11am. Having some overdue books, I headed for the library. There, I got sidetracked by a parade getting ready to begin. I realized this was the last day of the Cherry Blossom Festival, and some of the marchers included cosplayers. Hundreds of em'.

That was pretty cool. In my younger days, I think I made a pretty good girl-type Ranma. In my mind, anyway.

So I followed that up to Japantown, realized I hadn't had some sushi for a while, and then balked at the huge crowd and left. I happened to run into the parade again, this time the bystanders were relativly bare, and saw our unbelievably cute Mayor Gavin Newsom waving at the crowd from the back of the Monopoly car. And though I wasn't wearing my glasses,when we made eye contact I could swear he winked at me. [Insert "I'll be his intern any day" type joke here.]

After that I passed an AMC and bit the bullet, deciding to see Silent Hill despite the horrid reviews. I wouldn't say it was excruciating, per se. Alone in the Dark was much, much worst. But it was still pretty awful.

Speaking of video game movies, turns out they're making another Tomb Raider movie. And speaking of Tomb Raider, the newest game, Tomb Raider: Legends, is the first one I actually finished. That might surprise some, as there was a time when I was fairly vocal about my Lara Croft obsession. Heck, that's why I called myself Lara in the first place.

So anyhoo, I beat the game and am now trying to collect all the medals. Nice to see the new development house did a good job.

So where was I? Ah, so now it's past 5pm (A movie that awful has no right being 125 minutes long) and the slight body aches I had when I woke up were starting to get worse, and I could tell I was developing a fever. Bodaches + Sore throat + Fever = Flu.

I suppose I'm lucky. This, plus some dizziness, is usually about it in terms of symptoms, and it usually passes in a couple of days. So even though I was feeling bad, I still wanted to finish my shopping trip that got cut short last time from the store catching on fire, or whatever happened.

Got some new shoes (One inch heel- Oooh, Daring.) and some jeans, and a little spring overcoat, and finally headed home, only to be greeted by more work shit as soon as I walked through the door. People had to be evicted, rent needed to be collected, schedules had to be adjusted. I spent an hour doing that, than I started to really feel bad, so I'm taking a sick day tomorrow. Something I've never done, by the way.

Even at the restaurant I used to work at, the boss called me up in the AM, asking me to come in. I told him I wasn't feeling well (Read: Extremly bad hangover) but hearing the dissapointment in the managers voice, I mustered up a facade of health and went in. And the guy still treated me like dirt. Fucking Prick. (I wrote more about him in the Sidekick Blog)

Fucking prick. I found out he was fired a few months ago, too. Fucker.

So, uh, yeah, I figured a genuine two day weekend might be in order to recharge the batteries. Like I said, I COULD go in, but I've been working so much overtime, it won't really effect my paycheck that much. Which in the end, it all that matters.

This Life Lesson brought to you by the letter F. I'm going to go collapse, now.

P.S. Added some pics of the parade to flickr, but that's all. I look even shittier when I'm sick.

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