So this whole picture business is actually kind of fun. Flickr makes it easy too, by being able to send the pics directly to my Flickr account via my cell. Heh, I was actually thinking about posting a couple of the pseudo dirty/kinky pics I took, though I hardly consider kissing a glow-in-the-dark dildo kinky, per se.

I've grown up a little since beginning this whole "Transition Project" thing, but I've usually kept the sexual side of things seperate. Though, I seem to recall mentioning in the Sidekick Blog an awakening desire to be tied up. I also hinted at a little self-bondage experimentation. Now that would make quite a picture, though that ground is well travelled, it seems: TranniesinTrouble.com

Ha, and people say I'm a prude. Course, it might come back to haunt me during my run for President...

Anyway, the point is that this blog is an extension of my life, and therefore has to grow with me. I'm not going to censor myself down to PG-13 for some imaginary Tween audience, so when the mood strikes me, heck, maybe I will get "kinky".

But don't expect 'H0tZ sH3MaLe pR0n!'.


At least, not for free.


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