I'm a pretty boring dresser. At work, usually black slacks and a button blouse, and after, jeans and a t-shirt. I'm just mentioning this because I took some more photos, this time in a denim skirt a girlfriend gave me that I've never worked up the nerve to wear outside. Makes me look even more like an amazon, as it only goes to mid-thigh. There's a reason I prefer jeans and calf-length dresses, and it's not just comfort.

Once I buy that new camera, I'm looking forward to taking some pics around the city, maybe kicking back all casual-like at my favorite hang-out places, restaurants, and such. I think that would be cool, seeing how all the photos I've posted for the last six years seem to be inside shots of me frozen in the headlights, so to speak. Heh, though being inside does make it easier to control lighting, angles, etc.

Smoke and mirrors, my friends, smoke and mirrors...


Work sucks. That's a given, I suppose, otherwise it wouldn't be work. It would be fun, which is much easier on the tongue. A new employee has been flaking out on us, and I've had to rearrange schedules at the last moment. With most of the others on vacation, that really only leaves me to pick up the slack. I haven't had a single freakin' day off in three weeks now. And worse, I was expecting those days off, only to have it snached away at the last moment.

That's always the worse.

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