Back, back, waaaaay back. Back before 'The Transition Project', there was 'Lara's Page for Transgendered Teens' which I started around February, 2000. It was hosted on gurlpages, and the site has long been down.

On a whim, I decided to see if I could find it with Archive.org, and voila, there it was in all it's humiliating glory. Some of the pages are broken, including the Photos section, but what was there left a bad taste in my mouth.

Allow me to sum up the site:

"OMG, like, I use Wet n' Wild lip balm and Pond's Foaming Cleanser! Like, here's some Adventures I've had as Lara! I read about these make-up tips in a book so you should totally listen to me! Like, don't forget to email me! OMG, the new issues of Seventeen and CosmoGirl is out!"

Jesus Christ. I can't believe how smarmy and enthusiastic and...happy I was back then. Those were some of the worst years of my life. What the hell was I so happy about? It's enough to make me sick.

So it got me thinking- I had just turned seventeen, but reading that dribble, you'd think a twelve year old wrote it. And in a way, starting out on the long road of transition, I was like a twelve year old girl, just beginning to take the first steps toward womanhood.

I'm sure there's room for some sort of psychological analysis in there someplace.

But anyway, here it is- Don't forget the Vomit Bags:

Lara's Page for Transgendered Teens

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