Trick or Tart

So another week has flown by.

I've really gotten wrapped up in the Xbox and haven't had any regrets yet. In fact, now I'm thinking about getting a nice 42 incher LCD to go with it...

The last Grand Theft Auto I played was 3 for the PS2, so the leap to GTA IV has been amazing, and it's what I've been playing most, helping to calm me down after a fifteen minute Dead Space run (which I'm almost halfway through! Following along with a Gamefaqs.com strategy guide is helpful.)

In other news, as you can see, I picked me up a hat inspired from Back to the Future II from mirajcaps.com, with actual "holographic color changing technology". They've been out of stock for months. I used to have the actual licensed version from the Back to the Future Store in Universal Studios, but I think the Dog chewed it up years ago.

Pretty damn cool. If I knew it would've gotten here in time, I might have spent some time on a "Marty" costume. But I bought my costume off Amazon today, scheduled for Next Day Delivery. Cutting it a little close- hopefully it'll be here in time. Spent $100 bucks!

Tomorrow night for a few hours I'll be 'Sexy Judy Jetson' :)

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Geez, these X-Box games are almost like an addiction.

Just ordered Grand Theft Auto 4 and Bioshock.

Bioshock I got half-way through on my computer, but I had to reinstall Windows and so lost my Save Game.

I really prefer the Mouse and Keyboard control, especially in First Person Shooters, but I'm slowly learning. The lack of proper aiming is making Dead Space even more terrifying, and I've yet to get past the ten minute mark. Much like Doom 3, every creepy noise or flickering light makes me jam the Pause button to catch my breath.

Times like this brings back fond memories of the past, when my little brothers and sisters would watch me play through Resident Evil 3. Eesh, even with the muddy graphics, whenever Nemesis would burst through a wall we'd all start screaming.

Good times.


Because my check didn't clear in time, my X-Box shipment was delayed, but it should be arriving today. Ironically the GAMES came yesterday, so I've been reading the manuals (Assassin's Creed, The Orange Box, Dead Space and Fable II). Can't wait!

Hmm, had some weird dreams last night. I guess they can be considered nightmares, but I don't remember feeling scared or anything. Fungus/Caterpillar/Snake monsters trying to wrap around me and a girl (I think it was Alyssa Milano) got decapitated while riding a train. In typical dream like fashion though, the head was still alive and talking while the body started feeling around for it.

Shook me up a little.

In other news, there's some work stuff happening. Things with a co-worker are reaching a breaking point and something has to change. The Boss will be back in town this weekend, so I'm going to sit him down and see what we can work out.


wTf n0ob lOLz

So I had some extra money this paycheck that I had set aside to spend on myself. I was going to buy some expensive duds, but my finger hovered above the confirmation button at Bluefly.com.

It really just felt like a waste of money to me, so I bought something a little more useful instead- an XBOX 360 and some games. (And ironically, it was $200 less than what I was planning to spend on ten clothing items. Yes, only the finest materials may caress THESE loins.)

I love my Mac and all, but ever since I bought it I've noticed I've been gaming less and less even though I have a Windows XP partition. True, maybe that's just me growing up, but I think, especially now that 26 is right around the corner, I should try and hold onto my inner Goof Off as long as possible.

I decided on the X-Box as the the PS3 was a lot more expensive, and I'd really only want it to play one game- Metal Gear Solid 4. *sigh* Maybe someday Snake and I shall meet again...

(Back in the real world, I just got a call from a recording of Roseanne Barr telling me to Vote Out Pelosi. Trippy.)

And the Wii, well I'm getting that for my sisters for Christmas, so I can always play some Mario then.

So anyhoo, I'm pretty excited- overnight shipping for it all was only $20, so I'll have it by the time I get off work tomorrow- perfect timing, in my book.



Have I mentioned lately how much I love my iPhone?

Downloaded Diner Dash, a port of the DS game, and it's pretty addictive.

Also looking at a new MacBook Pro has a birthday gift for myself next year. Ahh, the pain and pleasures of being a gadget addict.

I haven't been going out much lately, but yesterday Lizzy invited me out and I ended up having a Girl's Night Out.

It was pretty fun- we drank pitchers of Sangria and ate french fries on a rooftop restaurant/bar down in the Mission. Knowing I had to work the next day, I'm proud to say I switched to water as soon as I started getting buzzed.

See, Mom? I'm not an alcoholic ;)



Boy was I sick yesterday. I lasted at work about twenty minutes before I had someone come in for me.

Maybe it was that Chinese food from that dingy place on the corner. Maybe it was all the Vodka and Beer. I don't know- I'm not a doctor.

Anyhoo, I'm feeling much better now. Much better, and salivating over the new MacBook Pros!

Hmmmmm, it's probably about time for an upgrade. I've had this old thing for almost two years now!


Hey, isn't that the guy from The X-Files?

Ugh, spent way too much money at BlueFly, but what better way to spend my cash than invest in marked up duds that will be out of style by the end of the season?

Oh, there are better way? Boy, is my face red...

But Fuck It, I think I'll look good in them.

Speaking of spending money, I've started doing my Christmas shopping for the family. I'm thinking about getting them a Wii, even though I really want one. There's the Holiday Spirit- sacrifice.

Though I'll probably have time to get some 'Mario Galaxy' in before I head home, hopefully.

While scavenging Amazon for some DVD's for Mom, I came across a Showtime show called Californication. I hadn't heard of it, so I watched an episode and was hooked. I forgot how much I loved David Duchovny. His dark, witty sarcastic dialogue in this is highly qoutable (with mature, non-conservative individuals).


It's Alive!

Oof, has it been that long?

The days are getting shorter and the time's just flying by.

Been doing a lot of "Window Shopping" on bluefly.com in preparation for my trip back to the east coast. I'd like to be somewhat presentable as some of my family will be seeing me for the first time since I've transitioned.

I'm planning on stopping over in Virgina for a couple of days before heading to Florida. I'll see my Dad's side of the family, maybe some high school friends, and I'd like to take a walk through my old neighborhood and roll around in the nostalgia.

I think it's going to be weird- it's been over five years, and I've changed a lot (besides the obvious, I mean).

I've also finally got my little Workbench set up (little being the operative word). Next thing I have to do is expand the table, but in the meantime, I think it's a nice little set up for the little projects I'm working on now.

I really like it, and that's where I've been spending my after work hours .

Anyhoo, that's just a little update. I'll try to post more frequently.

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