Because my check didn't clear in time, my X-Box shipment was delayed, but it should be arriving today. Ironically the GAMES came yesterday, so I've been reading the manuals (Assassin's Creed, The Orange Box, Dead Space and Fable II). Can't wait!

Hmm, had some weird dreams last night. I guess they can be considered nightmares, but I don't remember feeling scared or anything. Fungus/Caterpillar/Snake monsters trying to wrap around me and a girl (I think it was Alyssa Milano) got decapitated while riding a train. In typical dream like fashion though, the head was still alive and talking while the body started feeling around for it.

Shook me up a little.

In other news, there's some work stuff happening. Things with a co-worker are reaching a breaking point and something has to change. The Boss will be back in town this weekend, so I'm going to sit him down and see what we can work out.

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