Hey, isn't that the guy from The X-Files?

Ugh, spent way too much money at BlueFly, but what better way to spend my cash than invest in marked up duds that will be out of style by the end of the season?

Oh, there are better way? Boy, is my face red...

But Fuck It, I think I'll look good in them.

Speaking of spending money, I've started doing my Christmas shopping for the family. I'm thinking about getting them a Wii, even though I really want one. There's the Holiday Spirit- sacrifice.

Though I'll probably have time to get some 'Mario Galaxy' in before I head home, hopefully.

While scavenging Amazon for some DVD's for Mom, I came across a Showtime show called Californication. I hadn't heard of it, so I watched an episode and was hooked. I forgot how much I loved David Duchovny. His dark, witty sarcastic dialogue in this is highly qoutable (with mature, non-conservative individuals).

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