wTf n0ob lOLz

So I had some extra money this paycheck that I had set aside to spend on myself. I was going to buy some expensive duds, but my finger hovered above the confirmation button at Bluefly.com.

It really just felt like a waste of money to me, so I bought something a little more useful instead- an XBOX 360 and some games. (And ironically, it was $200 less than what I was planning to spend on ten clothing items. Yes, only the finest materials may caress THESE loins.)

I love my Mac and all, but ever since I bought it I've noticed I've been gaming less and less even though I have a Windows XP partition. True, maybe that's just me growing up, but I think, especially now that 26 is right around the corner, I should try and hold onto my inner Goof Off as long as possible.

I decided on the X-Box as the the PS3 was a lot more expensive, and I'd really only want it to play one game- Metal Gear Solid 4. *sigh* Maybe someday Snake and I shall meet again...

(Back in the real world, I just got a call from a recording of Roseanne Barr telling me to Vote Out Pelosi. Trippy.)

And the Wii, well I'm getting that for my sisters for Christmas, so I can always play some Mario then.

So anyhoo, I'm pretty excited- overnight shipping for it all was only $20, so I'll have it by the time I get off work tomorrow- perfect timing, in my book.

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