Geez, these X-Box games are almost like an addiction.

Just ordered Grand Theft Auto 4 and Bioshock.

Bioshock I got half-way through on my computer, but I had to reinstall Windows and so lost my Save Game.

I really prefer the Mouse and Keyboard control, especially in First Person Shooters, but I'm slowly learning. The lack of proper aiming is making Dead Space even more terrifying, and I've yet to get past the ten minute mark. Much like Doom 3, every creepy noise or flickering light makes me jam the Pause button to catch my breath.

Times like this brings back fond memories of the past, when my little brothers and sisters would watch me play through Resident Evil 3. Eesh, even with the muddy graphics, whenever Nemesis would burst through a wall we'd all start screaming.

Good times.

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question mark said...

aw, blakie, feeling nostalgic?