On Photographs:

I am honestly surprised that I started getting email almost immediatly upon 'My Return'. It's nice knowing that I'm not just talking to myself. Most of it was the usual Welcome Back and Advice stuff, but a pretty big chunk have something particular on their minds- Pictures!

True, I haven't updated the pics for what, three years now? Well, there's a few good-to-me-but-not-really-that-good reasons. First off, besides my hair, I look almost exactly the same. Maybe a little thinner, too. Eesh, is that even possible? The power of Ramen...

Also, with all the moving I've lost my digital camera. Though, it's probably time to get another one anyway. For a "Kid of the Future" 1.3 megapixels just doesn't cut it. Next time, I'm going for at least 5. I'm looking into the Optio WP.

And finally, as long-time readers know, I'm just not comfortable with my appearance. I've always hated to see pictures of me, as I know better than anyone all my phsical faults, so they always leap out at me.

Which is why I had decided not to post any more pics till after I had my cosmetic surgery next year.

HAD, being the operative word. I DO have a cameraphone, and let's just say I was feeling a little frisky and I was having a RELATIVELY good-face day, so, one thing led to another, and a Photo Shoot was born.

These come courtesy of a FREE camera phone people, so don't expect quality. They're not all QUITE as blurry as this, though.

Just a teaser...


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