La purrrr

Sent Stacia a rather long email to speak my peace. I put alot into it
and I think it got pretty sweet near the end. In fact, I'll go so far
as to say it was one of my most touching writings in awhile, and
basically said I can't stand her and wished her the best.

It wasn't quite that abrubt though. Quite beautiful.

Of course I don't even think she read it to the end and just said
something along the lines that I was harrassing her with insults.

Ah well, some things just can't end well. So I've gotten over that
pretty quickly, and now on to Halloween.

My "costume" is basically just a really slutty tube dress with slits
up the side, and some cat ears.

With Stacia out, I'm not sure what I'll do. Probaly just hop around
some clubs. I'm taking off work tomorrow, in preparation for a massive

Who knows, maybe I'll meet some new friends tonight.


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