Lazzzy Sunday

Well, it started off that way.

I slept in until around 8:30am, and then I went to get breakfast- bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, and French toast, with extra butter and syrup. See? I'm not anorexic. (My Mom had a talk with me so that period of craziness I wrote about in my last entry is over with, for now.)

And then I took a long walk around the city. Nike was sponsoring a marathon for cancer or something, so there were alot of women walking around with pink running shirts. I went to borders and caught up with a few of the latest periodicals, and then I went back home and napped until 2pm.

Then Stacia called.

She was 'Off Again' with her significant other and I guess she wanted to vent. So we went out and had some wine. It was fine for awhile but we started fighting again as usual, but nothing too major.

I rarely go to 'The Mission' but it's a good place to walk around. We ended up hanging out until almost midnight or so- 9 hours filled with sushi, alcohol, and falafel.

It wasn't as lazy as I would have liked, but still a rather uneventful Sunday.

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