Still Cleaning

Well, I bought my plane ticket to Florida today. It already cost $400,
so I figured I should get it now as Christmas is quickly approaching.

The Boss hinted that he'd pay me back for the ticket, plus I might get
some paid vacation time and a Christmas bonus on top of it.

Not too shabby.

So I'm still working on my room. Its not so much messy now, as
cluttered. I figured since I'm going to be here, hopefully, at least
another year, I might as well make it livable- maybe even a little

I went to the container store and picked up some shelving and drawers,
and I replaced my lightbulbs with compact florescents that claim
'natural' lighting. I don't know about that, but it does make a huge
difference. Finally that yellow tinge is gone.

I also threw away a ton of crap, donated some books and clothes, and
expanded my lab bench so everything's not piled together.

I'm proud of the place, finally. More room for my robot to crawl
around, now.

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