What is it about european accents?

Well, I was a little disappointed Thursday because I wasn't hungover at all. Throwing up ever twenty minutes, though awful, at least means I had a pretty good time the previous night.

Even after downing a pint of rum and a few Vodka Rocks, I was still pretty sober and therefore didn't completly let loose like I did last year.

Anyway, after the Photo Shoot I walked downtown (wearing a long trench coat) to the Cat Club, which had a pretty long wait to get in. The guys in front of me were totally wasted and kept falling back into me and profusely apologizing.

It's the first time I ever went to a club alone, so without anyone to drag me out to the dance floor after I went in I grabbed a drink and spent most of the time on a bench in the corner.

I didn't mind too much, because I can be perfectly content to stay to myself and just people watch. What was kind of strange was people coming up to touch me, like I was a mannequin or something.

Maybe I looked glum, because one guy gave me a 'Everything's going to be alright' look and rubbed my shoulder, another one whispered in my ear how hot my stockings were and snapped them. Before I could react to either they had moved on.

I had noticed some guy in a skeleton mask occasionally hovering around me for about an hour before (I guess) he worked up the nerve to come talk to me. He was "in character" for a bit as a knife-wielding skeleton thing, which was kind of annoying, but after awhile he took off as the mask and we got to chatting, and we kind of had a lot in common.

Though, he's never seen any Indiana Jones movies. What's up with that?

He was from London, and kind of cute. I won't bore you with all the details, we just talked for almost two hours and then he walked me home. I had gotten hot in the club, so I kept my jacket off despite the chill outside and was greeted with every other car honking as it drove by.

Hehe, it was kind of an ego-boost.

Anyway, we exchanged email addresses. He was heading back to London the next day but offered to get me lunch sometime when he's back in town, and I agreed.

Pretty tame- No kisses or Blowjobs or anything.

And so ended Halloween 2007.

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