It's interesting, being poor again. It was nice to reach the point where I could go out to eat every night, and make a nice upper-middle class purchase every week. To just walk around downtown until I saw something nice in a window, and wear it home.

And I could keep living that way, and get to my target savings goal in 2018, or so. To accelerate that time line, I've gone on "autopilot". (If you saw the Adam Sandler movie 'Click', you know what I'm talking about. I liked that, BTW. Who would've guessed the Water Boy could make me cry?)

Basically I just drift through the day, keeping my head in the clouds so I don't get a craving for Duck Curry or some new boots.

I strictly budget money for groceries and bills, and a small weekly "allowance", and after it's gone, it's gone.

So I see my checking account balance at a little over $1, and my savings account balance next to it that's a significantly higher number. And though I'm tempted to easily transfer the funds over, I know that's where it starts- those few dollars here and there.

The mindset I'm in now, that saving account might as well be light years away. It's untouchable. It's practically not even there.

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