I've always wanted my own Space Ship

As a supposed gadget nut and Tech-head, I think it's kind of funny that all my recent computers have only had about 1 gig of ram. I always tell myself I'll add the extra stick later, but I never seem to get around to it.

So I finally made the plunge the other day and now I'm "Rocking" two gigs in my MacBook Pro. It's helped out with an online game I've started playing called 'Eve Online'. I go by 'Luna Lunestra', 'Alexia Dark', and 'Death Hairball' if anyone wants to look me up (or donate some ISK to a n00b :)

It's so vast and complicated I'm still just trying to get the hang of it.

It costs about $15 a month, but I figure if it keeps me from going out for one dinner, it's already paid for itself.

Much like how I quit smoking, I've been setting little goals for myself to keep me indoors, seeing how many days can go by without stepping foot outside (Since I Live and Work in the Same place). Food Supplies- Low. But I think I can make it till Next paycheck.

It's odd, making all this money but living like I was when I first moved to San Francisco over three years ago.

To keep at it, I reward myself every couple of weeks with One night out to dinner and some Bargain Bin clothes shopping.

So far so Good, but it doesn't leave many adventures to write about.

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nightcat114 said...

Eve-Online is fun, though it takes a bit before you can really get into the "good stuff". My name on there is nightcat114