I remember when Christmas was weeks of anticipation about what I'd be getting and shaking the wrapped gifts to guess what they were. Waking up early to see if Santa Clause had eaten the cookies.

It seemed like things were a lot less complicated when I was an only child.

Now it seems the Holidays are about ferrying messages back and forth between two ex-spouses who hate each other.

Dad is going to be going out to Florida too, for Christmas, and I had visions of us all being together again. But the tension lies in Mom not wanting Dad out of sight with the girls. She wants everyone together all the time, and that's not what Dad wanted to hear.

It's hard talking to my Dad when he's upset. He can get really, really nasty. I was trying to remain impartial and come to a compromise on all this, but it's not easy. He's paranoid, and seems to imagine everyone as monsters. And he really believes it, so it's pointless to argue with the accusations he makes, because they're "facts".

I don't really know where it stands, he was vague, as usual. He didn't exactly agree to the terms, but said he wants to see them.

So I don't know if that means he'll follow through on some sort of legal action he's been threatening or what.

I had to get out of the conversation when he started directing his anger towards me.

I just hope this all works out. This trip to Florida is also my vacation, and I just need a break sometime. I don't want to spend it stressed out and in the middle of all this.


I guess the lesson here is to don't get married.

Happy Holidays

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