He Returns!

So guess what? MIKE just wrote me! Longtime readers might recall him as my one friend (such as he was) from my high school years in Virginia, and many of my old Geocity entries concerned the angst over how "mean" he was to me.

Last time I heard from him was an email back in September 2003. That month, you can also read about me "finally" settling on a career choice (don't even remember what that was, now) my hatred of Macs, and my first pair of high heels.

Boy, I thought I knew everything in September of 2003... I had no way of knowing I wouldn't REALLY know everything until March, 2005.

Anyhoo, Mike and I had something of a falling out after he ditched me in a small town hours away from home, and as I moved away and he joined the military, we fell out of contact.

It was really great hearing from him again, so I sent a long email summing up the last four years as best I could, and included a few pics of the family and such. "Such" being pics of some of the 'h0T cHiXo0rS' I've had in the interval. Not that I was bragging, or anything...

I hope I hear back from him- I think it would be nice to stay in touch.

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