Well, I'm still here.

I don't have any good excuses, just the usual work stuff. Had to fire someone over some "cash intake discrepancies" and training replacements. Time always drags to a crawl, standing up, stooping over to point out where to write things, what this and that does, etc.

And then when they actually start working, the Boss wants me to stay around the building in case they need help. Which is the best course of action, of course. It just sucks that I can't even go unwind after a long day at work.

And Stacia.

Stacia, Stacia, Stacia...

Well, she had finally found work, and long story short, she ended up getting fired a couple of weeks later for not making quota. According to her, when she broke the news to me, I wasn't "Sensitive" enough. So my being practical, asking if she had finished updating her resume and such, was a terrible thing to do.

Which lead to a fight, but we made up.

The very next day, I was talking to a friend while Stacia was using my computer. I asked this friend if I could get that talking watch back that I gave him months ago, seeing as how he didn't use it, because it would work great for a project I was working on.

He said of course, that he never found a use for it anyway. And Stacia butts in, saying that's not right, that I should have "learned my lesson" from the MP3 Player Incident of a few months back.

She KNEW that was a sore subject, that I felt I was in the right, and that never really got resolved. We just moved on. So, that was the straw that did me in.

She had to go. I won't get into the real thick of it, her refusing to go and me having to resort to throwing her stuff out into the hall. She cried, she said it wasn't fair...

And I agreed the situation sucked. That it could be considered cruel. But I knew that she wouldn't end up on the street. And if I gave her even a few days, I'd lose my resolved and cave in to her manipulations and let her stay.

I had to cut her out like a tumor. And honestly, I was surprised how unemotional and cold I was, like I flipped a switch that turned off my soul.

I said she could keep some of her stuff in storage, and we talked some more after all was done. Her stance is that it's not fair and right, my stance was that she was taking advantage of me, and that I was her safety next, taking away all motivation to find a job and get her own place.

She lived with me a combined total of almost six months, and the few jobs she got didn't last more than a week. No savings, no Plan B except Mooch off a "friend"? The girls almost 30 for crying out loud. I'm not crazy here, am I?

So, I'm not crying like I was last time, even though I know that this is it, that she's gone for good now. Heh, with some of the things I said, I'm sure of it.

But I am hurt. I think that we could have been good friends. It was the close quarters, with me being the provider, that did it in. Jeez, I never asked to get married or anything.

So, I am listening to a few songs over and over again. 'Ruby Tuesday' and 'Mad World' among them.

And I have GOT to quit smoking. Next paycheck for sure- Nicotine Patch.

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