Bah, I'm bummed.

Went to schedule a long overdue hair appointment today, and I found out my stylist quit! I spent a year at this place trying out a new person every month until I found the perfect one, who I saw exclusively for the next year.

So now they've set me up with his former apprentice. Bah. Guess I'll see how that goes...

In other news, I'm still sticking to the 48 hour day, and I've yet to have a psychotic breakdown. I actually seem to have more energy now. Before I would get dead tired around 2pm (most mammals being biphasic and all) but now I notice an increase in energy right up until a scheduled sleep period.

It's a little fun, burning the midnight oil.

In other, other news I just saw the trailer for The Prestige, and it looks great. David Bowie plays Nikola Tesla!

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