Heh, got my watch today from Tokyoflash, earlier then expected. With the bulky LED face and shiny black metal band, it's like something straight out of an Anime, circa 1982- which happens to be my kind of style. So long, Gucci watch, keep my desk drawer company.

Too bad I don't have a camera anymore.

So, that helps offset the bleh feeling from having to fill in for a sick coworker on my mythical day off. And of course, the shit always hits the fan hardest right when I start.

"I'm not even supposed to be here today!" (Clerks!)

Ah well, unbelievable. At least I have some time to organize my bookmarks, thanks to a few tips from lifehacker. I'm also toying around with some Firefox hacks, er, 7337 haXx0Rs, to streamline my Internet productivity (pr0n hunting, etc.)

Now that San Francisco finally has EVDO, I've been considering signing up for it. $80 a month for unlimited "Broadband-like" downloads is a little steep, but than again it might be worth it to surf myself to sleep from the comfort of my own bed, or to play some Half-Life 2 from a shady spot in Golden Gate Park.


Hey, what do you know, that sick coworker is feeling well enough to come back to work, so I'll wrap it up here.


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