Ugh, why? Why do I just attract drama, like some sort of love-starved parasitic pubby slug? I didn't even do anything.

I have this coworker who I trained. Now, I know she has/had a crush on me. But, being her boss, I'm nothing if not professional. Which was probably the problem in the first place.

I joked with her a couple of times, and you know me, 'joking' is something I have to force myself to do in order to pretend that I can 'fit in'. So anyway, she wants to talk in private and we go to my office. (I've got an office?!)

To make a long story short, she said that she respects my professionalism, but that I'm like two different people. That after I get off of work, I'm a little more laid back. But when I joke while I'm at work, she thinks I'm being serious. Now, I'm not going to go into exactly what the joke was, but it was so inane it couldn't have possibly been taken seriously.

(And also, in my defense, I'm a little more 'laid back' after work because I tend to drink myself silly.)

So anyway, we talked, and I said that the best course of action was just to be polite and professional, and we shouldn't joke around anymore. She agreed.

So yesterday, it was my day off but I'm living here now so I got called into action for a bit, tracking down some missing money and having to deal with a thousand different things. Apparently this coworker said Hi and I missed it, but I couldn't miss the "I'm sorry, I guess I'm just talking to myself" comment as she walked away.

Now later when things calmed down I apologized for the misunderstanding, but jeez, it just bugs me. This woman is 31 for crying aloud, and she's acting like a teenager. I'm 'only' 23 now, but jesus, sometimes I feel as old as the grave.


Anyway, I got that Palm Z22 and so far it's been great. I copied over all my analog notes, and I really think it'll help me focus more. Plus I have something to keep contact numbers handy, instead of carrying around tons of business cards.

I had a "Wow, the future is here!" moment when I laid the PDA down next to my laptop and *fwish*, a window popped up on my computer asking what files I wanted to transfer to the PDA through the Infrared Port.

'Course, IR is old technology, but still, it took me three hours just to get a Bluetooth connection between my laptop and cellphone up and running. It wasn't *FWISH*. Now if Wireless USB can pull that off, I'll stop construction on that Time Machine and be happy with the year I'm in.

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