Not much happening, just same ole' same ole'. This whole eviction really was a wake up call, pointing out how stagnant my life has become. A year went *POOF*. Vanished, just like that. So lately I'm trying to get everything back on track, focusing more on the longterm. And somehow, getting organized seems to be equivalent with spending lots of money. At least for me, anyway.

My Dell Axim X5 got smashed in a car door almost a year ago now, so I've been without a Personal Digital Assistant. Rather than fulfill my gadget cravings and splurge on a device that's a mp3/movie player/dvd/game console/web browser/organizer/etc, I'm just going to go with a basic Palm z22. Retail Cost $99.

Inexpensive but reliable, judging from the reviews. The lack of an SD expansion port hurts, (more than anyone could ever know...) but 20mb is fine for reading a few Cory Doctorow novels and replacing my analog memo pad.

So that should help me keep track of things, because if I don't write it down, it's just gone. (Eesh, it's all downhill from 23.)

On the Transgendered Side of things, I still haven't had any cosmetic surgery. Now that I'm making kajillions of dollars (compared to Virginia minimum wage, anyway) I've restarted my quest for a local surgeon. A little nose work, a tad of trachea reduction, and I think that can hold me over for twenty years or so, when surgery will be done on a microscopic scale by nanomachines. Then the sky's the limit.

Ah, yeah, and in other news I gave my Dad $500 to enter a Blackjack tournament. I did say I was going to pay him back...

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