I met with some girls yesterday about their room for rent. It's nice and all, and they seem cool, but it's further away than I would like. About a forty minute bus ride from my work. And it's a little bit more expensive, too.

With the extra rent, utilities, and monthly bus pass I'll need, it's about $160 more a month than I'm used to. I can afford it, of course. I just like to put a certain amount in savings every month.

After I got back 'home', I was looking forward to relaxing and watching 'Early Edition', one of my favorite shows which I just discovered reruns on a cable network. (It's about a guy in Chicago who gets tomorrow's newspaper, today.) Around 7:30pm 'Amy' texts me, wanting to meet for dinner at one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants.

I debated with myself for about ten minutes. I didn't want to go, I had already eaten, and I really don't think we can still be friends. But on the other hand I'm not one to just push away olive branches, and I figured I could get something to go and eat it later.

So we were supposed to meet there at 8:15, and I decided to walk even though it was freezing out. At 8:10 she calls me up and decides that she wants to meet somewhere else, another twenty minute walk from where I already was. And that, my friends, is a classic 'Amy' Bitch Move.

Now for the year I lived with her, this happened alot, but I always walked that extra mile. A lot of times I would force myself to go out with her, just to make her happy.

This time, though, I just said 'Raincheck' and turned around and headed home (After getting some soup to go.) There's no reason to put up with that. Honestly, I think she does it on purpose as some sort of 'Fuck you'.

Ugh, well anyway...

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