I got an email back from the girls I met with the other day. They found someone else to move in. Bah, rejected again. Probably for the best, that commute would have sucked anyway.

So, I continue to check the listings daily.

Not much going on, really. Nothing really 'blogworthy' anyway that I haven't already pounded into the ground.

Today's my day off, and I just want to relax. Ugh, I'm in a rut.

When I get like this, I just want to pack my bag and head off for greener pastures. I've got the money, but I know I have to face the 'real world' and stick around for awhile. I've gotta pay my taxes, clear my credit card debt, fly my mom and sisters out here for a visit, finish that freakin' degree...

Heh, so this is what being responsible feels like. Blah.

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