I should probably space these out, to fit the whole "Almost Daily Updates" thing. But goddamn it, what's the point of all this if I can't use this blogger as my therapy?
Well, it didn't take long for things to come to a head. As I said earlier, my cellphone died, so when I get home at five, I plug it in and find I have a voicemail left at 4:30 from 'Amy'. A very upset 'Amy' who tells me that even though she's at school to call her back immediatly. So I do, and for some reason it keeps telling me the call cannot me completed, and to check the number.

I probably call a dozen times, because, obsessive personality again, I'm freaking out wondering what the Hell is wrong now. 'Erica' is cleaning up my room, and I'm pacing and wondering aloud and stressing out, eyeing my bottle of scotch a little too hungrily.

Finally, she calls me back. First, some backstory: 'Amy' has these windchimes over the apartment door, so that when one enters, they chime. It's part of a feng shui thing or something. 'Erica' was moving some stuff to storage, so she had to go in and out a lot last night. So, she took the chimes down so she wouldn't disturb anyone. And, horrors of horrors, she forgot to put them back up.

'Amy' is angry, Angry 'Amy', saying that she doesn't want my 'visitor' to come over anymore. I suppose I make the mistake of telling her that she's overreacting. For God's sake, it's not like 'Erica' is sacrificing goats and spraying blood on the walls for some satanic ritual. (I didn't say the part about the goat, just the overreacting.) Then 'Amy' starts screaming, saying how much she cares for me as a person, and in the same sentence telling me that if 'Erica' is there when she returns, she's calling the police and having us both arrested.

She stressed that part alot, saying she cares for me as a person. Probably, I'm guessing, a rehearsed phrase that is supposed to keep me from getting upset or something. I don't know. It's just fucking stupid. I just say Ok. I mean, the girl has me over a barrel and she knows it. I have no rights here. 'Amy' isn't even supposed to have any roommates. If the landlord asks, I'm her cousin visiting from out of town. I have no lease, no legal documents that say I reside here. So, there you go.

I help 'Erica' pack a bag, trying to keep her calm, but we both end up crying as I tell her we'll think of something. Pulling some strings that will probably get me in trouble if the owner finds out, I get 'Erica' a free room at the hotel I work at, a temporary respite at best. For now, at least, all is quiet and I have time to think.

I like it here. In a city of unbelievable property rates, I've got a cheap room in the heart of downtown, close to public transportation and within walking distance of some of my favorite hang outs. God, I knew 'Amy' was quirky. So am I. Everyone is, really. But, Jesus... she is fucking insane. I should have saw the warning signs. Too little, too late.

I like change. I do. But I like everything else to change. Cars that run on water, magic bullet cures for the sick, an economy based on human energy expended, not worthless pieces of paper. But me, I like my routines, my home. I don't like change when it's me. Ha, and here I am with my hatred of hypocrisy.

So, it seems that I need to find a new place. There's a thousand reasons to do so, and only a couple of personal reasons not to. I just feel so numb right now. I just want to forget about all this and watch "The Office" and go to bed. Which I will.

Tomorrow, in the cold light of day and this city's omnipresent morning fog, I'll face reality and think of something. It'll probably be some harebrained last minute ditch effort that I'm famous for, but rest assured, something will be done.

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