Heh, it's almost hilarious. The bank, after I waited in line for almost an hour, just told me to call customer service to handle the problem. Ha.

So it turns out I can't file a fraud claim until the charges are posted. Right now, they're just 'Pending'. So the bank cancelled the card and said to call back in a few days to file a claim. It's only about a $170, including the insufficent funds fee that I'll be charged. (I transfer about 80% of my paychecks to my Savings Account- Asia, here I come {eventually}!)

Anyway, I'm not going to let it get me down. Today's my Birthday! The big Two-Three. Yup.

God I'm old.

Anyhoo, I'm working right now, but I think I'll head over to Japantown later to get some sushi and warm sake from my favorite restaurant, and maybe I'll use one of those Free AMC passes to see a movie. Sometimes, when things aren't going exactly the way you'd like, you've just got to appreciate the little things...

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