I guess 'Amy' wasn't content to just yell at me over the phone. About an hour and a half after my last post, she knocks on my door and tells me how serious she is about calling the cops, and that she'll kick me out like that *snap*. I stay calm, tell her that I know she's serious, she's a very serious lady. And then, because I'm that type, I tell her that she's overreacting. The reaction was predictable.

line 1 yell
line 2 scream
line 3 storm off and slam door

In the light of morning, I actually feel pretty good. I'm nothing if not resourceful. The places I've travelled to, the airports I've lived in, the homes and jobs I've found at the last moment... I can do this.

I've already got five apartment viewing appointments lined up for next week, with more on the way. Gotta love the internet.

Come April 1st, hopefully I'll have my "own" place (to rent).

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