I have something of an obsessive personality. So when 'Amy' called me up at work with a new list of "complaints", I couldn't concentrate. So I asked someone to fill in for an hour while I went home to take care of it.

With the problem solved, I was on my way back when Mom called and we talked a little. Her theory is that 'Amy' is jealous, that all the attention I used to give to her has now been diverted to someone else. Regardless of whether 'Amy' has a boyfriend or not, "That's how women are." Mom says. All these complaints are supposedly and outlet for her jealousy. Well, I think that's totally ridiculous. 'Amy' thinks I'm a pathetic loser, and that's my expert empathic skills talking.

But whatever. My phone just died, and I feel much better, knowing that I can just get on with the workday without interruption.


High heels. I don't wear them. Being over six feet tall, I already have a tendency to stand out in a crowd. Even a scant two inch heel makes me feel like a towering Amazon. (Well, makes me feel even more so.)

So, I've never really worn them for length or practiced walking in them, which might have been a mistake. Maybe they can help make me a little more graceful so I'm not always tripping over myself.

I borrowed 'Erica's' four inch(!) platforms the other day and just went about some household chores, cleaning and whatnot. And it wasn't too bad. I'll have to work on the walk, but I didn't fall down. Though they made me ridiculously tall, I still, I don't know, felt a little sexy in em'. lol, that's a first...

I don't think I'm going to start wearing heels outside, but I've always found the idea of 'Intimate Relations' while wearing them kind of, well, hot. I should give that a try sometime...

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