People are crazy. They are. Sure, mostly everyone can function in society, but it's just a shell, covering the gooey nugent of Insanity.

Women especially, and an XY chromosome hasn't spared me. I know I can be clingy, that when I fall for someone, I fall Hard and am ready to say 'I Do' after 'Hello'. Yeah, I'm one of "Those". But, proving the duality of my nature, I'm also Cold. Cold, standoffish, and Professional, even in informal settings.

I remember growing up, crying myself to sleep over an inability to make friends. Just rereading five years worth of diary entries can show how much I've changed. It's interesting, having this chronicle of adolescence to young-adulthood, the ups and downs, all in the first person.

But I've finally come to terms with that. Really. I'm finally at that point where I can say I don't care what people think. I mean, yeah, when it comes to my physical image, I'm pretty Crazy. Duality again. My appearance is something I can obsess over all day, making sure every hair is in place, lint and wrinkle-free clothing, numerous skin care regimens, etc. If someone insults that I can thank them for their honesty, keep my head up high, and then fall to peices when I get home and obsess over it for the next week. (I'm STILL second-guessing the outfit I wore to a Christmas party)

But that's because I'm crazy.

Now if someone has a problem with my attitude, if I don't make chit-chat about the weather or politics or some other bullshit while you're paying your rent, and you take offense to that, well, go copulate with yourself. My job is a job, and I'm not out to make friends with every guy who comes through the door.

So what brings this rant on? Oh, that coworker I've mentioned before brought it up, said that she's been getting complaints. Nothing about my job performance, just being Cold, and that she thought I should know. I thanked her and told her, for future reference, to direct any complaints to myself or my supervisor.

I talked to my boss, asking if he's received any complaints and repeating what I was told, and he prefers my no non-sense attitude, though he did mention that smiling occasionally wouldn't kill me.

Fair enough.

Yeah, I'm Cold. And darned proud of it, too.

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