Just Say No

So I got into Vegas late Saturday. With all the sleep deprivation and caffeine pills I was downing every couple of hours, let's just say I was a little F*ed up. I puked my guts out a few times that night, without even touching alcohol.

I felt better Sunday morning though, and our day and night were pretty tame. We had crepes for breakfast, and just walked around the strip for awhile while we decided what to do. 'Amy' had brought her sister along, and they heard about a karaoke bar in Chinatown they wanted to try.

I went begrudgingly- my voice is terrible, and the last thing I like to do is sing. But we found out the place didn't open til 5 when we got there, so we went to the mall, bought Chinese beer and plum wine, and kicked back with those in the air conditioning til it opened.

By then I was a little loosened up and by the time we were done "singing" a couple of hours later, I found that I had actually had a lot of fun.

After that, we headed off to see Blue Man Group, which was totally different then I thought it would be- in a good way. I haven't seen many Vegas shows, but I thought it was the best I've seen. Afterwards, 'Amy' and her sister got a pic taken with one of the guys, and he "Marked" her face with some blue paint. She kept it on the whole night.

We had grand plans to go to a Strip Club, but after dinner we were all so tired we went back to the hotel and crashed. They're going back today, but my flight out isn't until tonight.

I'm going to grab some breakfast, go on a couple of rides, and then play Detective by trying to track down my Dad and Brothers, who never returned my calls, and now the cellphone is deactivated.

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Michael said...

Wow, I admire your perceived ability and eagerness to "go all-out." Please be careful, though...I'd really miss you. :/

Yeah, karaoke certainly seems sobering...the disconnect between what seems should come out and what actually does (moreso than say, singing to oneself)...but I guess maybe even the average person has a reason not to want to sing in such a setting.

Anyway, take care.