Cooking with Lara

Money has been tight, lately. What with the Vegas Trip, another one coming up, New Gadgets, Savings... Plus I loaned Mom another few hundred. When I get back on Monday, I'm going to seriously start hunting for a second job, at least for the summer.

I usually go out to eat every night, but I'm making cutbacks. So I went grocery shopping and stocked up my barely-used mini-fridge. I made myself dinner last night, and breakfast today, and it was actually pretty good!

I'm not much of a food nut, but there is a part of me that enjoys cooking. I did it all the time back home. I even watched some of those "Cooking with ..." shows and tried my hand at a few of the recipes.

So all in all, I already miss the exotic dishes I get when I eat out, but this should hold me over for awhile. Ugh, but boy is the clean-up a pain when you don't have a sink in your room.

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