Vegas Baby! 2: Party Harder

So, here I am again.

Dad called me today. Finally. Apparently he didn't know I was here a couple of weeks ago, what with his cell turned off.

So that's good. Check out time is Sunday, but our flight out isn't 'til that night, so we can hang out with him and not have to lug our bags around.

Rosie is pretty cool. Up for anything, if you know what I mean. Maybe I'll put some (PG13) pics up later.

So, here we are. Boy, I get sick of this town pretty quickly.

But it's not too bad. I'm trying to have a lot of fun, live it up while I still have sand in the hourglass, so to speak.

Yeah, I'm a little drunk right now.

Trying to get my Apple fixes, I've been watching old MacWorld Keynotes on YouTube, and have started reading iCon. Pretty cool book. My Dad really is alot like Steve Jobs. Without all the success and money and all that jazz.

I'll try to update later between all the fun and good times I'm sure to have.

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